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Lead a healthy lifestyle, are fond of fitness? Then, most likely, you are thinking about proper nutrition, because with any kind of physical activity it is very important. Otherwise, an unbalanced diet can cancel out all your efforts in the fight for a slim and beautiful body.

With today’s frantic pace of life, it is especially valuable when you do not have to rack your brains and look for recommendations on a diet menu, spend time cooking or looking for a suitable place for a healthy lunch. It’s great when you can get all this in a cafe at a fitness club, that is, combine business with pleasure.

Today, many clubs can boast of having swimming pools, SPA-salons, Pilates studios and much more, but not all of them have cafes. The federal network X-Fit, in turn, tries to make fitness classes as comfortable as possible and is happy to pamper its customers with delicious and healthy dishes at the FRESH FIT fitness cafe, which offers a diet and sports menu.

For participants in the Dietetics program and those who are used to dieting, the chefs will recommend or prepare a comprehensive offer for the program that your nutritionist has compiled. If the desired products or dishes are not on the menu, they can be prepared according to your individual request.

If you are in a hurry and do not want to wait, then you should use the service of preparing dishes by the specified time, and the order will already be waiting for you, and if you do not have time, you can take it with you in a convenient package.

Sports nutrition provided by leading manufacturers. Diet shakes with proteins, carbohydrates and bioadditives will allow you to quickly restore strength and get the necessary substances to achieve better results in training. Safe energy drinks will help to correct the figure.

The FRESH FIT fitness cafe not only pays special attention to the wishes of its customers, but also constantly tries to surprise and delight you with seasonal and special offers, as well as classic menu dishes.

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