Healthy Eating: 15 Fiber Secrets

Fiber is found in all plant foods and is indispensable for those who want to always stay in good shape, it is part of many weight loss products. What is the secret of its action and why does health and weight loss depend on the level of fiber in your daily diet? Goodshapetips will tell about it today.

In order to lose weight, nutritionists around the world almost unanimously advise eating more plant foods – non-thermally processed vegetables and fruits.

The best breakfast not so long ago, cereals were recognized, and the best product for snacking between meals is a green apple.

What unites, for example, an apple, buckwheat, and even muesli, which we love so much?

It turns out that both the first, and the second, and the third product contain a record amount of fiber, which is so necessary for the body for proper digestion. What is this mysterious tissue?

Surprisingly, fiber is not a source of energy. It contains no vitamins, minerals or other nutrients.

Furthermore, fiber is plant fiber, difficult to digest and indigestible. However, it is she who guarantees good digestion, protects against a number of diseases and helps to lose weight painlessly. What is her secret?

What is fiber?

1. Fiber is a polysaccharide, a source of glucose.

It is part of most plant organisms, as it is the basis of their cell walls, the most indigestible part of the plant.

2. Fiber is soluble and insoluble.

Soluble fiber turns into jelly upon contact with water, insoluble fiber remains unchanged. Both types of fiber must be present in the daily diet.

The fact is that beneficial bacteria cannot multiply in solution. Some bacteria choose mucous as their habitat, all the rest choose undigested fiber.

3. Any fresh vegetables and fruits can serve as a source of fiber, however, universal mulberry fiber is considered suitable for absolutely everyone.

Sources of soluble fiber – beans, oats, nuts, seeds, citrus fruits, berries. Sources of insoluble fiber – bran, carrots, most vegetables.

Soybeans contain both types of fiber.

What is the daily fiber requirement?

4. The body’s daily requirement for fiber is at least 25 grams.

You can provide it by eating 1 kg of oatmeal, 0.5 kg of beans, 2.5 kg of cabbage… Such volumes are hardly capable of overpowering a modern person.

High technologies have come to the aid of those who want to eat right, which allow you to save the maximum amount of fiber in thin high-fiber bread.

So the daily need for this valuable element can be satisfied only 100 g of bread.

5. If you decide to increase your fiber intake, do so gradually.

Add the minimum amount of vegetables and fruits you like daily for several weeks.

A sudden shift to a diet based on fiber will inevitably lead to bloating and a host of other very uncomfortable conditions.

Why is fiber useful?

What are the benefits of fiber?

6. Fiber is the best way to maintain the normal composition of the microflora.

7. Fiber Helps Prevent Diabetes: it significantly lowers blood sugar levels.

Fiber also helps to keep track of health and adjust the menu if diabetes is already in place.

In this case, it is worth discussing with your doctor the amount of fiber consumed and the products from which it can be obtained.

8. Fiber Is One Of The Most Powerful Ways To Lower Cholesterol and, as a result, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

People who regularly eat enough fiber have 60% lower cholesterol levels than those who ignore plant foods.

nine. More recently, people with digestive disorders were advised to limit their fiber intake.

However, as data accumulated and more precise studies were carried out, it became clear that just a lack of fiber leads to these disorders or stimulates their development.

It helps to cope with many functional and inflammatory bowel diseases, and prevent them in the future.

10. Daily intake of foods containing fiber is one of the most effective ways to prevent colon cancer.

In Japan, where rice, cereals and soybeans form the basis of the daily diet, this disease is very rare, which cannot be said about Europe and the United States.

Fiber and Diet

11. Nutritionists consider bran to be the most valuable source of fiber.

Bran stimulates, cleanses and revitalizes the digestive system. The “side effect” is clear healthy skin, a good complexion and weight loss.

12. Scientists from the University of Southern California have scientifically proven a common truth: Fruits and vegetables help fight obesity and maintain optimal weight.

Sometimes it is enough to increase the amount of fiber consumed by 30% so that the weight gradually begins to return to normal.

Fiber reduces weight both directly (reduces fat mass) and indirectly (through colon cleansing and improved digestion).

13. Fiber makes you feel full even from small meals.

That is why the composition of many drugs for weight loss includes a large amount of insoluble fiber in the form of powder or capsules.

Unfortunately, manufacturers often forget to warn that fiber in this form can only be taken with plenty of water, otherwise, the fibers will swell and clog the intestines.

Many weight loss drugs could have escaped their unflattering fame with adequate instruction.

14. Diets based on fruits and vegetables are the most popular in the world.

Their effectiveness has been proven more than once, their supporters are Hollywood stars with chiseled figures and the doctors themselves.

But diets that exclude vegetables and fruits from the diet (anti-carbohydrates) rarely boast long-term popularity.

Sooner or later, they all suffer the fate of the famous Atkinson diet: it experienced its peak of popularity in the 70s and was buried under the name “Straight way to a heart attack” – the lack of fiber led to a “cholesterol epidemic”.

15. One of the richest in fiber content is the macrobiotic diet: it is based on whole grains, vegetables, fruits and legumes, which can only be boiled and stewed.

For many years, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts and Christina Aguilera have remained faithful to macrobiotics.

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