Heart attack: how to understand what it is and avoid the worst

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Calm! Just don’t panic. After all, no one lasts forever, and cardiovascular disease accounts for 50% of mortality in Russia. Perhaps this is not bad at all: better than, say, from cancer, from dysentery or from a bandit’s bullet. Moreover, your hit in 50% can be delayed for quite a long time. About 80 years old. You just need to do everything right.

Why do people die from a heart attack?

In fact, a heart attack is the death of heart cells in the area where the blood supply has stopped. And the blood supply stops due to complete blockage of the vessel. This is a chemical-biological cause of death.

The socio-psychological one is formulated much more simply: 40% died of a heart attack solely because they did not call an ambulance. If there is a blockage of the vessel, then you need to restore its patency literally in the next 40 minutes, so the most harmful thing you can do for yourself is to lie down for an hour, it will suddenly pass. And suddenly not?

Lest you dismiss this problem, here’s another figure for you: 17% of myocardial infarctions occur in people of working age, not pensioners. In men, as you know, more often than in women. But at the same time, female mortality is not lower than male. This is a separate problem: Russian women are afraid to “disturb” the doctor in vain and endure to the last. This is their main mistake.

Therefore, if it hurts in the chest, call an ambulance! It turns out osteochondrosis, you’re better off. The doctors will forgive.

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