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If you believe the weather forecasters, then in August there will be a downright incredible heat, in which we will begin to remember the February frosts with tenderness and envy our colleagues who were on vacation before us. If this really can happen, then perhaps it would be nice to have an idea now of how to be able to survive in a hot city in these hot days.

First of all, you should darken (linen cloth, paper, etc.) the windows, open the window and turn on the fan (more on that later) so that the room in which you intend to spend time is cool. True, it is still not necessary to lower the air temperature too much. First of all, because of the possible colds and the unpleasant consequences of the temperature difference (in the event that you have to go outside), which can be both a headache and a heart attack.

Particular attention should be paid to liquids: after all, on hot days you are especially thirsty. Remember that it is almost impossible to quench your thirst with traditional carbonated drinks. It is much more effective to drink ordinary tap water (boiled, of course), but slightly salted (salt) or acidified (lemon juice or dry wine). The norm of drinking on hot days should be at least two liters per day, in the event that you sweat a lot – a little more.

It is not bad to resort to water procedures in the form of cool baths or diving into the pool., which perfectly help in the matter of salvation from the summer heat. True, for those who have heart problems, it is better to refuse them and replace them with rubbing with cool water. You can wrap a hot body in a wet sheet or put a wet napkin on your head, shoulders, armpits, heart area.

When going out, do not forget about a hat and medicines (this is especially true of our elderly relatives – do not be too lazy to remind them of this). Try to limit physical and mental stress. At home, allow yourself to take a short nap after lunch (even if this is at odds with your rules), at work – take breaks with elements of simple exercises as often as possible. If there is an opportunity to postpone a trip to the dentist or a diagnostician, be sure to do it.

But there are some technical devices that should reduce the negative effects of heat on our body. Whenever the heat in the house becomes simply unbearable, we either calmly take a fan out of the box, or run to the shops in search of this household appliance. Naturally, relying on his effective help. True, residential climate experts claim that a fan (desk or floor) is a poor solution to the problem of hot air in a room. In their opinion, it not only does not cool the air, but also heats it up with its electric power.

As for doctors, they generally advise to be wary of the fan (however, the air conditioner too). But if you stubbornly continue to rely on the fantastic possibilities of a domestic fan, then when choosing this device, at least listen to some simple tips.

The more speeds the fan has, the better.

It must be equipped with a timer that allows you to set the operating time from an hour to 12 hours.

The laziest of the fair sex should pay attention to models with a remote control.

A fan without a blade guard indicates not only that you have an outdated model, but also that it is dangerous to handle.

It is recommended to choose a device with a fine mesh grill (especially if there are small children in the house) so that foreign objects do not get into it, from which a jammed motor can ignite.

And if a fan has appeared in your house, then it can be used not only to cool the air, but also as an “air freshener”, if, for example, you direct the fan towards a window overlooking a gassed highway, which will allow you to put an air barrier to dirty air from the street. In this case, from another window (if any), overlooking a quiet street, cleaner air will enter the house.

Another use of the fan is mosquito control. Point the device at the window, and not a single mosquito will appear in the house (these insects cannot stand the wind).

Only an air conditioner can significantly lower the air temperature in the house and create coolness in it. However, doctors recommend fans of air conditioners not to leave the miracle technology constantly on in order to avoid colds, heart problems and headaches. For the same reason, a few minutes before going outside, the household appliance should be turned off in order to slightly bring the air temperature in the room closer to the street temperature (the same applies to air-conditioned cars). But for those who have problems with joints, air conditioning, according to doctors, is generally harmful.

Prepared by Ksenia Uspenskaya

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