Helicobacter pylori – how to get rid of pathogenic bacteria

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Previously, it was believed that stomach ulcers develop from spicy foods. No one believed that any microorganism could survive in hydrochloric acid. But in the 80s of the last century, Australian physiologists who studied pieces of the gastric wall obtained by biopsy from ulcer patients found living bacteria there and called them Helicobacter pylori. The bacterium can only be found under the thick protective layer of mucus that covers the inside of the stomach. But how do they get there and why don’t they die when they get into the gastric juice? Thanks to its flagella, the bacterium deftly and quickly moves in the gastric juice, while it constantly populates new areas.

It is thanks to this cocoon that it is calculated – even without gastroscopy and biopsy. There is a respiratory urease test: you take a solution of urea (urea), exhale twice into special containers – and the composition of the air (before taking urea and after) determines the presence or absence of Helicobacter Pylori in the body. This test can be used both to diagnose an infection and to evaluate the effectiveness of a treatment.

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How to detect Helicobacter pylori and cure

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