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Seven-year-old Dasha has Burkitt’s lymphoma, the girl was diagnosed in April, now she is being treated at the Center for Children’s Hematology named after. Dima Rogachev. Dasha is receiving planned chemotherapy, but due to the high risk of developing one of the most serious complications in chemotherapy, tumor lysis syndrome, she needs to take Fasturtek. Tumor lysis syndrome occurs due to a metabolic disorder associated with the death of a large number of tumor cells, usually at the beginning of chemotherapy. This can lead to severe damage to organs, especially the kidneys.

Fasturtek is not registered in Russia, and the cost of a course of treatment for a girl is 520 000 rubles. As part of the Unregistered Medicines project, the Podari Zhizn Foundation is launching a fundraiser for Dasha.

How can I help you?

You can transfer money to the account of the Podari Zhizn fund. Please indicate in the purpose of payment that this is a charitable donation to the Unregistered Medicines project. If the document does not contain the words “charitable donation”, then the fund will be obliged to pay income tax to the state from the money that you transferred. Your donation will primarily go towards paying for Dasha’s treatment. If more money is collected than the girl needs, then the remaining funds will be spent on paying for the treatment of other children with the same need.

It is easy to donate by sending an SMS with the donation amount to 6162.

If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation and they will try to help you: tel.: +7 (495) 517-15-85, email. mail

Fund details
Gift of Life Foundation
account 40703810000020105994
Sberbank of Russia PJSC, Moscow
c/c 30101810400000000225
Checkpoint 771401001
BIC 044525225
TIN 7714320009

Purpose of payment: “Charitable donation to the project “Unregistered medicines””

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