Herbal tea, inhalations and 5 more simple tips to get your lost voice back

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Loss of voice or aphonia is quite common. The cause of aphonia may be a disease that affects the vocal cords (tonsillitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis) or a simple overwork of the voice in those whose professional activities involve constant tension of the ligaments.

What to do if you lose your voice:

Let the ligaments rest

The most ideal option is to completely abandon any conversations and be silent for at least 24 hours. Communicate using gestures and write (on paper, on the phone – it doesn’t matter). Many people make the mistake of whispering. This can only be done as a last resort, because during a whisper, the ligaments, which are already irritated, are irritated. If your job involves a lot of verbal communication, take the day off.

Drink more liquid

Do not neglect this simple advice (which many sin). Water not only moisturizes the mucous membrane of the larynx, but also promotes faster healing of irritated tissues. Of course, we are not talking about ice water or boiling water, the water should be at room temperature. The same applies to broth, soup and any other drinks.

Brew herbal tea

With an inflamed throat, chamomile and thyme do well, namely, an infusion of them. Ginger tea relieves hoarseness and helps the voice to become clear again.

Eat/drink honey

Good old honey perfectly relieves inflammation, strengthens the immune system, which is so necessary to fight infection. Honey can be consumed alone or with a warm drink, such as the same herbal tea. Do not neglect this tool, believing that it is “for grandmothers.” It is clear that when the disease is advanced or complications begin, only antibiotics will help you. But to prevent this from happening, use a proven and harmless remedy for the body – honey. Another option is to mix honey with lemon juice and add warm water.

Humidify indoor air

The air in apartments and offices, especially in winter when central heating is on, is very dry. This is not only harmful to breathing, but also negatively affects the ligaments. If you are faced with such a problem as aphonia, urgently buy a humidifier, now you can find it at an affordable price. As a last resort, you can soak a large towel (with cold water) and place it on the radiator in the room where you spend the most time.

Do inhalations

Another method that for some reason causes a smile for some, but at the same time copes with the task of returning the voice perfectly. Use an inhaler – they are available at any drugstore – or do something even simpler: boil water, pour it into a deep bowl and breathe over it, covering your head with a towel. You can add a few drops of aloe vera to the water. Naturally, you should not breathe over boiling water, but let the water stand for 3-4 minutes.


If the cause of the loss of voice is a sore throat or a cold, gargle every two hours with warm water and salt. This helps hydrate the ligaments and provides extra blood flow to help fight infection.

What not to do

-drink coffee, green tea, cola – these products provoke dehydration. The same goes for alcohol. -smoke. Needless to say, cigarette smoke dries and irritates the throat. -locate where there is a lot of dust, smoke and in places with cold air. All this irritates the ligaments and aggravates their painful condition.

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