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Herpes on the lips can spoil not only the mood, but also the appearance. This is especially problematic for celebrities if a photo session or performance is scheduled for tomorrow. Vera Brezhneva has been living with the type 1 virus since the age of 14. Previously, she masked treacherous bubbles on her lips, now she has chosen for herself means that quickly suppress the external manifestations of the virus.

“Last night, as soon as the first signs of it appeared, I again resorted to the balm. Due to which there was almost no itching – apparently, she had time. And today, of course, my “flower above the lip” has crawled out, but of a sane size, ”Brezhneva wrote with humor in her account not so long ago.

Alas, it is not yet possible to completely remove the herpes virus from the body, but you should carefully take care of your immunity, because a traitorous cold on the lips comes out after hypothermia or during moments of prolonged stress. That is, a healthy body independently blocks the spread of infection. The expert told us more about the types of herpes.

How is the herpes virus transmitted?

The herpesvirus family is numerous, it includes more than 100 types of herpes. The most common is the herpes simplex virus, which is of two types: the first and second. You can get them from a sick person or from a virus carrier.

1 type can be transmitted:

  • by contact, through the skin of the sick person: handshake, kisses, through various objects;
  • by airborne droplets: when coughing, talking;
  • transplacental: from mother to child during pregnancy.

Herpes simplex virus type 2, or genital virus, is transmitted sexually.

Herpes simplex virus type 1 infects the skin of the face, neck, and lips. Herpes simplex virus type 2 is localized on the mucous membrane and skin of the genital organs. And it is important to understand that both viruses are capable of causing lesions in all of the above distribution areas. Before the rash appears, the area may feel burning, stinging, and painful. Herpetic vesicles have a transparent content, are located on the reddened area of ​​​​the skin and, as a rule, cause severe itching. After a few days, they burst and small erosions form in their place, which gradually heal. There are more severe cases of infection – inflammation of the trigeminal nerve, herpetic meningitis, encephalitis. Such diseases are typical for people with immunodeficiency.

According to scientists, almost 90% of the world’s population is infected with the herpes virus. The World Health Organization reports that 67% of adults under the age of 50 are infected with herpes. Prevalence rates are highest in Africa and lowest in the Americas.

Why is herpes incurable

The herpes virus is a neurotropic virus. The infection usually enters the body in childhood. During the primary infection through the skin or mucous membrane, the virus migrates along the nerve endings to the cells of the nerve node (ganglion) and passes into the latent stage. Thus, it remains in our body for life. Repeated cases of activation of a herpes infection occur when the immune system is impaired, hypothermia or overheating, stress, climate change, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Relapses may be asymptomatic, but the person during this period is contagious. It is impossible to completely cure a herpes infection, it is possible to reduce the activity of the virus. For this, antiviral drugs for oral administration and creams for external use have been created. These medicines reduce the symptoms and frequency of herpes.

Russian method of treatment of herpes

It is important to add that Russia has developed and uses the world’s only vaccine against herpes simplex types 1 and 2 – Vitagerpavak. It belongs to the group of therapeutic vaccines and is not used for prophylactic purposes. Use is permissible several times a year according to the testimony of a doctor. In the USA, the Vitagerpavak vaccine treatment method is called the Russian method.
Vaccination is indicated for patients with chronic herpes infection and is used only during remission. It is necessary to prepare for vaccination: a person should not have acute infections and exacerbations of herpes itself. The course consists of 5 injections every 10 days. Alas, this vaccine is not intended for pregnant women and children.

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