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Today, every schoolchild knows: the flu is continuously – all year round and all over the world – caused by viruses of type A and B (in a trivial case), or by a virus of a rarer type, which has “slumbered” somewhere in the East for decades. The source of infection is always a sick person who spreads millions of viruses at a distance of two to three meters when coughing, sneezing and talking. Transmission of the virus through a third party or the patient’s belongings is unlikely – viruses quickly die in the external environment, and are also afraid of a variety of things: disinfectants, heat, ultraviolet rays and drying.

Any flu begins almost always suddenly: with severe chills, aching joints and bones, muscle pain. All this is accompanied by a severe headache, pain in the eyes, high – up to 40 degrees – temperature. The flu, by the way, is characterized by multiple jumps in temperature, accompanied by a strong sweat.

It would seem that we know everything about the flu. And, nevertheless, the flu that seemed to us earlier “harmless” has turned into a real monster in recent years. With a shudder and already without the former frivolity, we listen – as if to front-line ones – to medical reports about the progress of another epidemic across the country. Alert people suspiciously shy away from others at the slightest sneeze, patiently chew garlic and buy dibazol in bulk. And yet, time after time, he loses the battle with the flu. Why?

Partly because in our minds there are a lot of delusions that are surprisingly tenacious, therefore causing considerable harm to our health in general and the fight against a harmful virus in particular. Here are just a few of them.


Despite widespread advertising and “folk wisdom”, you should know that antipyretics do not cure the disease, but only eliminate one of its symptoms. If the body temperature does not exceed 38.5 degrees and you feel relatively well at the same time, do not bring it down. And if it’s completely unbearable, use home remedies – honey, linden tea, dry raspberries or raspberry jam. These are real “soft” remedies that are not capable of radical interference in the life of the body, and therefore of causing great harm. Indeed, from knocking down the temperature – especially “quick and effective” with the help of potent drugs – the body is only harmed. He, naive, wanted to smother the virus with simple heating (which they absolutely cannot stand). But that was not the case: he would have to strain himself and look for another weapon. But you don’t give up either.


Influenza viruses (like all viruses in principle!) Are insensitive to antibiotics. Therefore, taking them will not bring relief to the body. But it will not remain without a trace for him: he will “trip” the immune cells so that they, again, do not get bored. And besides, our body is densely populated with numerous microflora and microfauna, including friendly bacteria, without the help of which it cannot exist. So all these allies of antibiotics, too, to put it mildly, will not be happy. So antibiotics are indispensable only in case of influenza complications caused by some bacterial (!) infection. Or at high risk of their occurrence. The same applies to biseptol and sulfa drugs.

But, by the way, most of our fellow citizens have known about the shaken reputation of antibiotics for a long time. So, probably, another wise thought will come to your mind that “they don’t save on health”, and you will go to the pharmacy with the last savings “for a rainy day” for the very, very latest, cool “effective and safe” anti-flu remedy, promising:


All these advertised remedies promise to bring down the temperature with just one pill, relieve headache and muscle pain, relieve a runny nose and sore throat – in general, put you on your feet within an hour after the onset of the first flu symptoms. We get the impression that everything is easy and simple: no need to go to the doctor, no need to lie in bed for a week and drink nasty warm milk. I swallowed a pill and live in peace. We do not even suspect that those seven troubles from which they promise to cure us, “thanks to” all kinds of side effects, can actually multiply many times over.

However, do not rush to blame advertising: after all, it honestly promises to save you only from unpleasant flu symptoms – headache, weakness, etc. And the disease develops in its usual seven-day sequence. However, it is no longer common…

So, for example, aspirin, which is part of most “anti-flu” drugs, is simply dangerous for influenza. The fact is that with influenza there is a pronounced hemorrhagic symptom, when the permeability of blood vessels increases and the blood, as it were, seeps into the tissues surrounding them. This phenomenon is especially dangerous in the lungs – hemorrhagic pneumonia often leads to death. So, aspirin, relieving you of just a headache, at the same time enhances the hemorrhagic syndrome, which can lead to unpredictable consequences, but in any case not to the benefit of the body.

Similarly, other “anti-influenza products containing paracetamol” are advertised. Moreover, they are advertised as “the safest and most effective.” In fact, according to doctors, paracetamol has a very narrow “therapeutic window”, that is, a small difference between the therapeutic and poisonous doses of the drug. So, for example, to cause acute analgin poisoning, you need to immediately swallow 10-20 tablets. For paracetamol, one or two is enough. (Overdose of paracetamol leads to the destruction of liver cells – hepatic coma.)

So it turns out that almost the only absolutely safe and even useful ingredient in all these “anti-flu” products is vitamin C. It really plays an extremely important role in strengthening the body’s defenses. But, you understand, the vitamin can be taken separately: at a dosage of at least one gram per day.


There are only two real anti-flu drugs in the world that not only relieve symptoms, but actually kill influenza pathogens – these are Remandin (affecting only virus A) and arbidol (targeting influenza viruses A and B). In addition, to increase immunity, which is important both in the prevention and treatment of influenza, everyone, without exception, can take Dibazol 1 tablet twice a day. Of the folk remedies, onions and garlic, hot milk and vitamin teas, complete peace and a warm, warm bed remain in service.

The main commandment of a flu patient who does not dream of a disabled group is as follows. Give your body the opportunity to calmly defeat the disease on its own, without burdening it with secular communication, labor exploits, swimming in the hole and radical medicines.

Marina TSYKINA, epidemiologist.

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