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Many of those lucky people who do not yet know where their liver is located usually find out about its location after especially “successfully” spent holidays. And do not hope that liver problems await only men, and even then – bitter drunkards. Women today, no less than the last, are at risk of quarreling with this vital organ.

The riotous program of New Year’s feasts turns for us into a fairly decent bouquet of all kinds of diseases and ailments. And the first “greetings” from the liver are just one, but very unpleasant news. And here the remorse of conscience will no longer help that she did not stop in time when she rode so famously on the carousel of fun and gluttony; that they could not stop before the temptation to try all its charms in one night – and first of all, the immense gluttony and alcohol consumption.

No less frivolous are those who are not yet worried about the liver. If you know the sin of addiction to salty, spicy, fatty and strong, you should not relax either: many liver diseases are asymptomatic, in an erased form. So, if the pathological process is not stopped in time, the disease will become chronic. And the treatment of chronic sores is not only not the most pleasant procedure, but also expensive.

Fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, occasional abdominal pain, yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, and dark urine are all classic signs of liver damage. However, these signs may not be, the liver will declare itself only with a general malaise and fever. The attack always occurs unexpectedly – often at night, after a plentiful feast. Well, if after such a night you go to the doctor. But most often the visit is postponed indefinitely …

Doctors quickly determine the type of such ailments: fatty degeneration of the liver – a fairly common diagnosis. The term “fatty degeneration” itself may surprise you, but this is not a meaningless set of words, as it might seem, but a very dangerous disease, alas, which is often found today.

It is foolish to think that fatty liver (this is a synonym for fatty liver) has appeared only in the current century. Not at all, we always knew how to drink and eat without measure. Merry Christmas time, gluttonous Maslenitsa, wild Easter … So the doctors had no shortage of patients, and they could study not only the symptoms of the disease, but also find its root cause.

According to the unanimous opinion of medical practitioners, the most common cause of liver disease is alcohol abuse – up to 76 percent of all cases. I must say that by abuse, doctors do not mean long-term binges, but even small, but regular drinking. Small – in the literal sense of the word (20-40 grams of ethyl alcohol). Translated into ordinary language, this is two shots of vodka or one bottle of strong beer. But only members of the sobriety society take such doses with us! The rest are much more.

And how do we eat! Cheese, sausage, smoked meats, pickles, soda, chocolate, all sorts of dubious ready-made snacks stuffed with preservatives, flavorings and other chemicals that are poisonous to the liver. But she, poor thing, must strain all this rubbish out of our heated blood, and even process it into a safe state.

But the liver is a grateful organ and joyfully reacts to the slightest signs of attention on your part. For example, if you are far-sighted wisdom, knowing that you have to drink (or even get drunk until a pig squeal), eat two multivitamin tablets, for example, “undevit” or “decamevit”. Those who are richer, before knocking over a glass of alcohol, can “appease” their liver with a sandwich with butter and caviar. And have a bite of alcohol with dietary meat – boiled chicken and veal. After such a “bow”, your liver is likely to patiently cope with alcohol without painful symptoms.

Well, if, nevertheless, these methods of “coaxing” do not help, then you just have to refuse to poison the body with alcohol. And, imagine, in this case a miracle happens (of course, if the disease has not become chronic, but visits you only on great holidays) – a complete and rapid reverse development of the process is observed and the liver begins to work in a healthy mode. No matter how much you drink before stopping, even the very last muck.

But rarely does anyone have enough willpower on New Year’s Eve to stop drinking and start consuming fresh veal and caviar instead of potatoes with smoked fish. That’s why everything must be done to improve the liver after the holidays. To do this, you have to go on a diet and change the diet. Consume more food rich in proteins and vitamins, while limiting carbohydrates. Animal fats should be replaced as much as possible with vegetable ones (instead of butter, use vegetable, and best of all, olive oil).

But according to the law of meanness, fatty degeneration of the liver can be diagnosed even in a lady who does not take alcohol in her mouth at all and counts every calorie. Then you should not resort to diets on your own, but find out with the help of a doctor the true cause of the disease and, under his guidance, completely get rid of the unexpected misfortune.

For example, a very bad effect on the liver is exerted by various stimulating drugs for athletes – the notorious anabolic steroids. The liver tries to neutralize these hormonal preparations in the same way as other toxic substances that have entered the bloodstream. And often does not cope with their doses. Professional athletes are aware of the dangers of steroids, but amateurs who are “ready for anything” in order to increase the volume of individual parts of the body often pass such information past their ears.

A much more common situation is liver injury from antibiotic use. In most cases, complications with the liver occur due to an overdose of the drug or its individual intolerance. Especially a lot of harm is done during self-treatment, then it is much more difficult for a non-specialist to assess the patient’s condition and choose a dose in accordance with it.

As for the “cleansing of the liver”, which many who do not want to restrain themselves with diets and restrictions rely on, it helps only with minor ailments of this organ. The so-called sorption methods of treating the liver, carried out in serious medical institutions, really help patients. But this procedure is expensive and is carried out with clearly defined indications and in the absence of contraindications. And if you are offered a “absolutely harmless liver cleanse” and at the same time “very inexpensive”, you should probably be skeptical.

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