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Each of us dreams of a dazzling smile, sparkling with whiteness and health. Alas, over time, many teeth acquire extraneous unwanted shades, which you really want to get rid of. The problem is very easy to solve: you just need to whiten your teeth. Goodshapetips will tell you how and where it is better to do this procedure and how much a “Hollywood smile” will cost you.

Even at the beginning of the twentieth century, gold was a sign of prestige and wealth, which was successfully used in all spheres of life, including dentistry. The presence of gold crowns in the mouth emphasized the high status of a person, was part of his image.

Today, a “golden” smile can be considered more a sign of a lack of funds and / or taste, rather than an indicator of success. Healthy, strong, and most importantly, white teeth today have become the dream of millions.

The secret to a dazzling smile

Many of us, watching toothpaste commercials, caught ourselves thinking: why do our teeth become so far from snow-white over time? After all, we clean!

There are several reasons for discoloration of teeth. The most common is the use of products with dyes (coffee, tea, tobacco, wine, etc.).

If we examine the structure of a tooth under a microscope, we will see that its surface is not perfectly smooth, but porous. When we drink something coloring, the dye gets into the pores of our teeth.

Even if you brush your teeth at least twice a day, using dental floss and rinsing, you do not completely remove these substances. Hard-to-reach places cause the most problems.

Over time, the amount of coloring substances in the pores reaches such a level that visually the teeth change their color and acquire unwanted shades.

Also, factors that spoil the color of the enamel include various damage to the teeth, heredity, the use of antibiotics, the consequences of dental treatment, changes associated with age.

From the point of view of the perception of light by the human eye, under the influence of the above reasons, the reflective properties of enamel deteriorate – the tooth fades, the desired whiteness is lost.

Accordingly, to achieve a snow-white effect it is only necessary to increase the area of ​​the reflective surface. Sometimes this can only be achieved by replacing old, discolored fillings.

If replacing fillings is not enough, then you need to resort to a teeth whitening procedure using bleaching agents. Whitening will also provide an increase in the reflective surface of the enamel of the teeth, which in turn will make your smile dazzling!

Types of whitening

You can whiten your teeth both at home and in the clinic. The choice depends on the desired results, the amount of time available and, of course, the funds.

The most time-consuming and risky is self-whitening at home, when choosing which you will have to choose a bleaching agent yourselftaking into account the characteristics of the teeth (the state of the enamel, the presence of frontal fillings that do not whiten).

The bleaching process itself takes two to three weeksand the result does not please for long, since for independent uncontrolled whitening, products with a small degree of whitening agent (10-15%) are offered, – accordingly, the result of such a procedure will be minimal.

The main advantage of this method is the price – a home procedure will cost you several times cheaper than a clinically done one. So, if you have free time to learn the specifics of the whitening process and a rather limited budget, then you can try.

Whitening at home can also be considered a more serious option, but already under the supervision of a doctor. The dentist determines the condition of your enamel, chooses a whitening agent (usually with an oxidation state of 30 – 35%) and makes an individual mouthguard, which must fit snugly against your teeth during whitening.

You can carry out this procedure at any time convenient for you (during sleep, in the evening after work, during your favorite series). The duration of this process is from a week to two. During this time you visit a dentist who monitors changes, controls and corrects the whitening process.

At the first stage, the teeth become very sensitive to cold, hot, sour, may also differ slightly in color and become stained. But you should not panic – this is a reaction of the teeth to chemical exposure, which will soon pass.

You will have to pay for this service from 3 000 rublesbut here you certainly won’t make a mistake when choosing a whitening agent, and also save time that you would have to spend on studying dental Talmuds if you still settled on the first option.

the most expensive (the minimum cost is 10,000 rubles), but the fastest and most comfortable is whitening in the clinic. The dentist will look at the condition of your teeth, listen to your wishes and … in an hour you will already see the result!

If your smile is not very wide, then no need to whiten all teeth, – you can give the desired color only to those that are visible when smiling. Cost of the procedure for one tooth – from 500 rublesto help you stay on a tight budget.

Everything seems to be fine, but … In addition to the high cost, there is one rather unpleasant moment: some experts consider this process unsafe – whitening in the clinic destroys the enamel, increases the sensitivity of the teeth.

How to restore enamel to its original color without bleaching

Whitening advocates, of course, insist that it is an absolutely safe and even necessary procedure. But long-term effect is guaranteed only if a number of conditions are met: the patient should not have bad habits and he is obliged to maintain the condition of his enamel and take care of the oral cavity. Otherwise, there is no point in whitening – after a short period of time, the teeth will acquire the same undesirable shade.

Opponents of whitening offer their customers an alternative – hygienic cleaning (SZO – removal of dental deposits – up to 5,000 rubles), which is not only useful, but necessary for everyone every six months. This is a professional cleaning does not damage the enamel, returns teeth to their natural color and prevents caries.


Is it worth the risk? Get an expert opinion!

Maybe you shouldn’t bleach?

Even dentists who promote whitening agree that there are categories of people who should not do this at all. Whitening is not recommended:

with periodontitis,

with an allergy to hydrogen peroxide,

with carious lesions of the teeth,

during pregnancy or breastfeeding,

if the patient is under 16 years of age,

when wearing braces (there is a possibility that the whitening will be uneven),

if there are artificial crowns or fillings on the front teeth (whitening will be uneven),

if the patient is a heavy smoker.

If you do not belong to any of the above groups of people and you are not afraid of the radically different opinions of dentists, bleaching will be quite appropriate procedure.

True, there are a few more warnings: after bleaching, there may be some side effects: irritation of the mucous membrane of the gums, irritation of the mucous membrane of the throat, the possibility of allergic reactions, increased sensitivity of the teeth.

A radically new solution to the problem

However, as paradoxical as it may seem, White teeth are not the key to a beautiful smile. A beautiful smile is not such a simple concept as it might seem, and it will not be possible to make it perfect with just bleaching. A beautiful smile is the correct shape and size of the teeth, their position relative to each other, the harmony of the dentition in combination with the features of the shape of the face.

In order to take into account all these elements and really make your smile irresistible, there is another, but radically different way, which makes it possible to give your teeth exactly the shade of white that suits you, and the ability to correct your teeth, creating a “Hollywood smile”.

This method consists in using a photopolymer or other materials, which are superimposed on the teeth, creating the desired shape and color, while protecting them from caries. This pleasure is worth on average 1200 – 1500 rubles per tooth. The amount may vary depending on the breadth of your smile, but the result will please at least 5 years.

Be interested, analyze, weigh all the pros and cons. Think about how much you need it and make the right decision!

Specialist comment:

Kamalyan Ashot Vladimirovich, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Chief Physician of “Dental Implant” LLC:

“The safest whitening is at home, with the help of mouthguards, which are selected by the dentist. All other types, for example, ZOOM whitening, are very aggressive. By changing the color of the tooth with the help of chemical exposure, such whitening destroys the enamel.

In addition, after chemical bleaching, you should not drink any colored drinks – tea, coffee, cola, wine, because the teeth can “absorb” and become, for example, brown (from tea) or reddish (from wine). In addition, if you smoke, brush your teeth incorrectly – after a while the color of your teeth will return to what it was before brushing.

Whitening with trays is less aggressive. The best and safest way to improve the color of your teeth is to return to their natural color. To do this, you need to go to the dentist, undergo a hygienic cleaning of the teeth, and after it – Air-flo.

Whitening toothpastes can be used, but some of them aggressively affect the dentin, some can cause irritation of the mucosa after the first dose, and some can affect the activity of microbial reproduction, which, before using the paste, peacefully “slumbered” in the periodontal pocket.

To choose the method of teeth whitening that is right for you, you should definitely visit a dentist. He will carry out sanitation of the oral cavity, assess its condition, treat it if necessary, and then discuss what you want and how to achieve it. Then it will be effective and safe for your teeth!”

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