How and why parts of the face and body change over time – a comment by a plastic surgeon

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Why and when our face changes

Basically, all parts of the body, and especially cartilaginous structures, such as the face, undergo changes during puberty, when there is a powerful production of sex hormones, including somatotropic hormone. During this period, there is a sharp growth and change in almost all parts of the body. And the cartilaginous structures of the nose are no exception, so I recommend doing aesthetic rhinoplasty after pubertal formation, when the hormonal background has already completely stabilized. Basically, in the plastic surgery of each country there are certain recommendations on the age at which patients can undergo surgery. In Russia, aesthetic plastic surgery can be performed on people who have reached the age of majority, i.e. from the age of 18, with exceptions when there are serious indications.

Ears, as you know, also consist of their cartilage, so everything mentioned above applies to them, but with some assumptions. For example, children can have this operation at an early age to prevent the appearance of psychological trauma and barriers associated with appearance, ridicule at school due to protruding ears, etc.

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