How COVID-19 and stress on its background affected our teeth – observations of a dentist

Health Tips

This is a consequence of any disease: people experience muscle pain, increased body temperature, of course, while not brushing their teeth. Uncleaned plaque accumulates, thickens, collects food colorings, and, unfortunately, home hygiene alone is no longer enough. You need a professional teeth cleaning and polishing procedure.

After covid, as well as after an ENT infection, you need to change your toothbrush for a new one or treat it with hydrogen peroxide and chlorhexidine. Hot water or boiling can damage the brush, as the bristles are made of nylon, polyester.

After coronavirus, as well as during illness, it is good to use toothpastes that reduce bacterial contamination of the oral cavity. Such a paste is curasept ads 705: the chlorhexidine contained in it has an antimicrobial effect, does not stain the teeth and does not cause a change in taste. This paste can be used up to 6 months.

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