How does cooking affect your health?

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The main problem, as you know, is the use of oil. It increases the total calorie content of the dish. But calories are not as dangerous as carcinogens that are formed during frying. High temperatures are detrimental to any oil. As a result, a lot of carcinogens, free radicals and toxins are formed, which we consume with food. Especially a lot of them in fried crusts, which we love very much. Fortunately, today there are already pans that can be used for frying without oil. Grilling without oil is less harmful, but no less tasty. This is a real way to protect yourself and your loved ones.


Cooking is one of the oldest ways of cooking. And definitely healthier than frying. But it also has its drawbacks, the most important of which is the destruction of a large number of vitamins and enzymes in foods. Some substances do not withstand high temperatures and decompose, others dissolve in water and partially “leave” in the broth. In addition, many fats, which are rich in meat products, also lose their energy value when they get into boiling water. For some, this is a plus, but in fact it generally reduces the benefit of the product.

Double boiler

Steam cooking is a worthy alternative to both boiling and frying: the taste of steam products remains richer than boiled; and free radicals (as in frying) are not formed. And if earlier steamed food caused bewilderment and even disgust among people, now everything has changed dramatically.

If you do not “steam” plant and animal food for too long, then it retains a rich taste and elastic, pleasant texture. Steam cooking does not require additional oil. Thus, steamed food contains a minimum of fat and is a completely dietary dish. In addition, steamed vegetables, fish and meat retain all vitamins and minerals. That is why this option is chosen by adherents of a healthy diet and lifestyle. Eating such foods daily allows you not only to maintain harmony, but also provides a healthy and clean complexion and relieves fatigue.


And how many myths about the dangers of microwaves! Since the wavelength generated by the magnetron of the microwave oven is large enough, the radiation does not penetrate outside through the isolated walls of the device and does not harm housewives and their guests. Of course, if the insulating layer of the microwave oven is not damaged, otherwise there may be harm to human health, but it is not the device itself that is to blame, but the violation of the operating rules! Food in such conditions is prepared perfectly and does not cause any harm to the body: no carcinogens, no excess fats and loss of vitamins and trace elements.


I prefer this method to all others. Using parchment paper or a baking sleeve, you can cook anything from ham to potatoes. Under the action of the steam that forms inside, meat, fish or chicken are baked in their own juice and do not require the addition of fats, that is, the dish turns out to be soft, juicy and dietary.

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