How exactly music reduces stress and reduces pain – says professor

Health Tips

Music boosts academic performance and improves mental performance

Children who took keyboard or singing lessons in groups scored higher in school and on intelligence tests. Parents should encourage their children to want to sing or play musical instruments.

Music keeps the brain active even in old age

Older people who were professionally involved in music scored higher on tests of thinking and memory than their non-music peers. You can learn to play musical instruments at any age.

Music helps premature babies

Lullabies and the sound of an instrument that imitates the sounds of a mother’s heartbeat improved sleep and appetite in preterm babies.

Helps children with autism spectrum disorder

Children with autism spectrum disorder who received music therapy experienced improvements in social responses, communication skills, and attention. In this case, the music is selected individually.

The outstanding Russian psychiatrist Vladimir Bekhterev said: “Music is not only an ennobling, educational factor. Music is the healer of health. And recent studies confirm his correctness with facts.

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