How family relationships affect weight

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From your point of view, maybe there are problems. From the outside, a person may seem too fat or too thin, but it is not so important for him what you think to yourself: he accepts himself as a whole – in all his complexion and configuration. And, fortunately, he is not alone. Acceptance from close people is very important.

If in the family a person is not recognized as normal, correct, good, and his emotions are not recognized as valuable and worthy of existence, then the person feels flawed. When you are told that in this situation you should not feel what you feel, but they do not explain what to do with your real emotions, how to deal with them, problems begin. Someone goes smoking weed, someone drinks, and someone eats. Food acts as a regulator of emotions, relieves emotional stress, muffles it, allows you to relax, exhale. Of course, one can learn to regulate emotions not with the help of food (there is a special program in our Center), but patients who are supported by their families always achieve greater success.

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