How long can you legally wait for medical help?

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Much less is said about this, but there are waiting limits. And they are established by law. Sometimes these standards are revised, but the latest version is regulated by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 8, 2017 No. 1492 – you can refer to it if you suddenly hear from a doctor that the operation should be done tomorrow, but the queue for it is three months.

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In large cities with queues, the issue is almost resolved: sign up through the public services portal, come at the time indicated on the ticket, get an appointment. In fact, such a system is convenient only for people with chronic diseases who go to doctors regularly. Well, for those still who are “only for help.” And if you get sick, for example, with the flu or your stomach is seized, then of course you will be very upset when you see that you can get a ticket to the doctor only after four days. In fact, the therapist must see you (or the pediatrician – your child) within 24 hours of contacting the medical organization.

If the situation is urgent – the arm is broken, the dog has bitten, the head hurts very badly, then the waiting period for primary health care should not exceed two hours from the moment of contact.

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