How malocclusion affects posture and headaches and how braces can help

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Alternative to braces

Braces are needed in order to correct the patient’s bite and improve the quality of his life. An overbite is not always crooked teeth. The teeth can just stand visually even, but if the comparison of the jaw during chewing and in conversation is incorrect, the patient experiences discomfort, nervousness, insomnia and often does not suspect that the problem is hidden precisely in the wrong bite. Moreover, 60% of headaches arise from malocclusion. In addition, bite has a big impact on posture.

Often, for some reason, the patient does not want to wear braces, although today they are so aesthetic that they are hardly visible in the oral cavity and even give the wearer a zest. Then an alternative is offered in the form of liners. These are transparent aligners that are practically invisible on the teeth and which the patient can remove during meals. And if earlier mouthguards treated only a small part of bite pathologies, now, with the development of dentistry, mouthguards have been improved and they can cope with almost all types of occlusion anomalies.

True, mouthguards are an option for very responsible patients, since this is a removable structure, many lose them and forget to put them back on, sometimes without noticing that they have not been worn for several days, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of treatment.

Removal of “eight” teeth is a 100% indication before starting orthodontic treatment. In the process of evolution, our jaw has decreased and wisdom teeth cause many problems. As a rule, they grow at random, in addition, they have the power to displace all other teeth, no matter at what age they erupt. And the reason for repeated orthodontic treatment, as a rule, is not removed in a timely manner “eight”.

How malocclusion is formed

The cause of the formation of skeletal anomalies, as a rule, is genetics. Most likely, the profile of the parents will be transferred to the child. But often bad habits influence the formation of malocclusion. For example, a child sucks a pacifier for a long time, drinks from a pacifier, sucks a thumb, and so on. I also always recommend parents to pay attention to the nutrition of the child. Many try to feed their children mostly soft foods. There is no normal chewing, there is no adequate chewing load – the jaw does not grow, the teeth do not erupt in time. Here is another reason for the development of malocclusion.

The term of treatment on braces depends on the initial clinical picture, on the characteristics of the body and, oddly enough, on the patient himself. On average, braces are worn for about a year. But if you do not carry out professional hygiene in a timely and regular manner and take poor care of your teeth, the treatment may be delayed.

How much does the treatment cost

On average, high-quality treatment on braces varies around 250,000 rubles (we are talking about Moscow prices – ed.). As a rule, braces cause inconvenience only at first, until the patient gets used to it. At first, braces can injure the oral mucosa, this is easily solved by sticking wax on the traumatic element of the bracket system.

Often patients want to quickly solve the problem of malocclusion due to veneers. And here it all depends on the clinical picture. If there are indications and the patient’s quality of life does not deteriorate, then we can go for it. But if there is no indication, we do not risk, because the joint will collapse.

Diet needs to be adjusted

Proper closure of the teeth (the ratio of the upper and lower dentition) determines the health of the dentition, namely the periodontium (tissues surrounding the tooth, the integrity of the hard tissues of the teeth, the health of the paired temporomandibular joint). After all, improper closure of teeth and incorrect occlusal plane leads to functional problems, signs of functional overload.

In addition, of course, the aesthetics of the teeth are also important, because a beautiful wide smile significantly improves the appearance.

Often, orthodontic treatment is necessary for people with a lack of space for “wisdom teeth”. When they erupt, they displace the entire dentition, and as a result, crowding occurs in the anterior region.

In the formation of malocclusion, the main factor is genetics and a predisposition to a particular problem. Very often, relatives have similar situations, and when we work with a child, we see the same problem in the mother. Bad habits and premature loss of milk teeth due to caries complications also play a big role.

Duration of treatment

Orthodontic treatment usually takes 1.5-2 years. The goal is not only to align the teeth, but also to create the correct closure between the upper and lower teeth.

At the stages of orthodontic treatment, there is a slight discomfort at the beginning, but then you get used to it. You will also need to adjust the power supply. It is necessary to cancel very hard foods, but in general the diet remains the same. For example, you can not bite off anything with your teeth, you can only chew food. All adjustments are absolutely non-critical and patients get used to the bracket system very quickly.


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