How thrush prevents you from losing weight and 5 more facts about “overweight hormones”

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Due to the prevalence of this condition and the flood of advertising promising a quick and easy cure, many people take candidiasis rather lightly. And in vain, because it can easily cause the development of more dangerous conditions, such as the threat of pregnancy, premature birth, preeclampsia. And this is not to mention the unpleasant symptoms that accompany candidiasis. You may be overcome by a feeling of fatigue, sudden mood swings, anxiety, insomnia. Often there is a kind of unreasonable bad breath and a white coating on the tongue, at its root. Almost always thrush is bloating, constipation, flatulence, heartburn, gastritis, stomach pains of varying severity. If you have allergies, acne breaks out – you should also be wary, especially when some of the above symptoms are present in combination.

And finally, candidiasis is accompanied by cravings for sweets and starchy foods, as well as problems with weight. Here everything is more than interconnected. The fungus Candida “adores” sugar, fruits and fruit juices, alcohol, simple carbohydrates and cereals, which in the process of digestion are transformed from complex carbohydrates into simple ones, in other words, into the same sugar. These are foods from which we easily gain weight and get a bunch of health problems (unless I would exclude cereals in adequate quantities from the list). And they also “nourish” the fungus, creating sanatorium conditions for it for intensive reproduction.

The accompanying factors are just problems with immunity, stress, difficulties in the work of the digestive organs and existing hormonal problems. That is, your body can be simply exhausted by the beginning of spring, at the same moment you will experience some kind of surge of emotions, and not necessarily negative ones: a marriage proposal, by the way, is also stressful. Have a delicious meal and drink down your experiences – and now the thrush is waving your hand in a friendly manner. Well, then her symptoms, which I wrote about a little earlier, at best, will greatly complicate the process of losing weight by the summer or make it relevant if everything was normal with weight before. By the way, you can also drastically lose kilograms against the background of thrush, it depends on the individual characteristics of the body, it is much less common, and together with the accompanying health problems, such harmony will not bring joy.

So, without candida, we can’t get anywhere – this is an integral part of the normal microflora of the mouth, vagina and colon of all healthy people, and its excess in the body disrupts the process of excretion of estrogens – female sex hormones that perform many functions, leading to its accumulation in large quantities in blood.

In my second book in the Hormone Waltz series, in the chapter on estrogens, I detail how to balance them. And now let me remind you of foods that help fight candidiasis: vegetables, fermented foods (made using fermentation, such as kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut), green smoothies, flaxseed and chia seeds, cranberry juice, fresh garlic.

In addition, as a doctor of preventive and integral medicine, I recommend using probiotics (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli), vitamin C (1000 mg per day), grapefruit seed extract – 200 mg 2-3 times a day, essential oils to support immunity and contain candida oregano (oregano), cloves, tea tree. You can inside, 1-2 drops in a glass of water, and drink in small sips throughout the day. Or externally by adding 7-10 drops to a body cream.

Patients periodically come to me for an appointment, who from the threshold declare: “My weight is hormonal, I can’t do anything!”. And there is some truth in this, but you should not confuse cause with effect and shift responsibility from yourself. Often we ourselves provoke a hormonal failure, and then the “bad” hormones begin to lead our brain and body. I already wrote about estrogens, but there are other of his comrades who, in connection with the topic of our conversation, should be known “by sight”.

Here are 5 more hormones of excess weight:

  1. Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. It is considered to be a stress hormone, but it is also a hormone of energy and vivacity. Elevated cortisol levels lead to an increase in blood pressure and sugar levels. Chronically high levels of this hormone can lead to adrenal exhaustion syndrome, which is accompanied by a feeling of increased fatigue or “awkwardness” in the body, depression, rapid aging, low stress resistance, weight gain, weakening of the immune system.
  2. Insulin is the regulator of glucose levels in our blood. The main problem with insulin is its constant increase, which leads to insulin resistance. That is, cells become immune to this hormone, and blood glucose rises to pre-diabetic or even diabetes levels. We have a lack of feeling of satiety even after a heavy meal, a desire to have something else to eat soon, cravings for high-carb foods, excess weight.
  3. Thyroid hormones are thyroid hormones, the “queen of metabolism”. Insufficient level of thyroid hormones – a slow metabolism, as one of the consequences, we have extra pounds that cannot be shed.
  4. Leptin is a hormone that signals satiety to the brain. Here, as with insulin, when there is too much of it, the brain stops picking up the signal, if the concentration is normal, the metabolism also occurs correctly.
  5. Adiponectin and ghrelin. The first is involved in the regulation of glucose levels and the breakdown of fatty acids, in fact, is the link between your fat cells and the brain. The more adiponectin in your blood, the more fat you burn. Accordingly, low levels of adinopectin can lead to excessive accumulation of body fat. Ghrelin is a hunger hormone produced in the stomach in response to its emptying, the more ghrelin in your system, the more you feel hungry and gravitate towards sugary and fatty foods. It is also involved in carbohydrate metabolism, taste sensation, and reward-seeking behavior. The most unpleasant thing for those who want to lose weight is that the amount of ghrelin emitted, the sensitivity of its receptors and the conversion of calories consumed into fat do not depend on a person’s body weight. When you go on a diet, ghrelin synthesis increases, you are starving, the level of the satiety hormone leptin decreases, and you again become even more hungry, and along the way, the metabolic rate decreases. Diets do not work, a balanced, healthy, tasty and satisfying meal works without disruption.

And finally, I’ll tell you about another non-obvious, but important hormone that prevents or helps to lose weight, depending on your attitude. Somatotropin, or growth hormone, performs a lot of functions, in particular, it helps to reduce the deposition of subcutaneous fat, increase fat burning and increase the ratio of muscle mass to fat. Also, this hormone takes part in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism, causing a pronounced increase in blood glucose levels and being one of the insulin antagonists in its effect on carbohydrate metabolism. The highest level of this hormone is found in the body at night, since it is produced at this time of day. Therefore, sleepless nights can also easily lead you to excess weight. Live according to the rhythms of the planet, study, listen to your body, and let the number on the scales every time give you a surge of serotonin.

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