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Almost all of us have dealt with bruises at least once in our lives. Usually they occur due to negligence and minor injuries (falling into ice, hitting sharp corners). Of course, most bruises occur in childhood, but adults also sin by getting these unpleasant types of phenomena. And if a “lantern” shines under the eye as a result of a quarrel or an accident, this is not at all pleasant. Are there ways to quickly and effectively eliminate bruises?

The appearance of a blooming spot, especially on open areas of the body or on the face, does not add aesthetics. A rare person does not dream of getting rid of such bruises as soon as possible, especially if the profession or type of activity is associated with publicity.

Why does a bruise appear?

Bruises (hematomas) are hemorrhages in the thickness of the skin that occurred due to the rupture of small blood vessels. The intensity of the bruise will depend on the amount of blood flowing out and the degree of soaking of the tissues. Bruises have the specificity of “bloom”, that is, as they dissolve, they change their color. This occurs as a result of the breakdown of hemoglobin with the formation of various kinds of pigments that have a palette from brown to greenish-yellow hues.

How to treat a bruise

The bruise “passes” as a result of the splitting of the pigment and its removal from the tissues with the help of special leukocyte cells. Knowing the mechanism of the work of leukocytes, one can understand that it is impossible to greatly accelerate the disappearance of a bruise, especially if first aid measures were not taken immediately.

All means that promise to remove bruises quickly and safely are nothing more than advertising, basically all of them tend to only increase blood circulation in the area of ​​injury and, thereby, attract “cleaners” – leukocytes to the affected area.

But in order for the smallest possible bruise to form on the bruised place, a few simple measures should be taken immediately.

one. Immediately after an injury or blow, apply ice to the bruised area. You can wrap a piece of ice in a cloth or attach a special cooling bag, they are in car first-aid kits. This will lead to spasm of the vessels near the injury, and will not allow blood to leave the vessels.

Important: Applying snow or ice to the skin is contraindicated – you can get frostbite on the skin, since you need to keep it cold for at least 10-15 minutes.

2. All subsequent actions should be taken as soon as the traumatic tumor begins to subside, in about a day. To activate the blood flow and the influx of leukocytes to the bruise, heat is needed – you can attach a small heating pad, hot salt in a bag or a warm napkin.

Important: if there is a bruise under the eye, do not apply heat! You can get a strong swelling of the tissues and hemorrhages in the conjunctiva.

3. To activate the recovery processes, you can take vitamins C and K. Eat red and cherry blossom fruits.

Folk methods of getting rid of bruises

One of the most well-known means for eliminating bruises is a slurry of bodyagi grass, applied in various ways to the area of ​​​​damage. Ready-made herb powder can be purchased at a pharmacy, it is usually diluted with water in a 2: 1 ratio. The resulting slurry is applied to the site of the bruise until completely dry, then thoroughly washed off with water.

Remember: bodyaga can not be applied to the face and around the eyes. There may be irritation and even allergies. Then you run the risk of getting more severe dermatitis.

Calendula tincture helps well in the fight against hematomas on the legs and arms – it is applied in the form of a mesh or a continuous layer to the bruise area, going beyond its borders by 1 centimeter. You can use gruel from parsley or radish leaves. As a compress, apply coltsfoot leaves rolled with a rolling pin, burdock or a cotton swab dipped in a decoction of these herbs.

The simplest and most affordable tool is an iodine mesh. Another available remedy is a vodka compress: cotton wool or gauze is moistened in vodka, applied to a bruise and covered with polyethylene on top. Keep the compress on the affected area for about 20 minutes.

Salt compress also helps to get rid of the hematoma. For its preparation, 10 grams of salt and 100 milliliters of water are used.

How to treat a bruise under the eye

As much as we would like to quickly remove such “beauty” from our face, we need to be very careful. In the area of ​​​​the eyelids, the skin is tender, and the fiber is loose.

In the event of an eye injury, an examination by an ophthalmologist is always necessary. Such injuries can damage vision: a blow to the eye can injure the retina, and bleeding can occur in the vitreous region. In addition, the doctor will advise after the examination how best to get rid of bruises. You can apply ointments (in agreement with the ophthalmologist) and apply heat. The most common means for treating bruises – bodyagu, vodka compresses and iodine – are not recommended for use in the face area, this can lead to dermatitis or swelling of the eye.

Pharmacy funds

Promise to get rid of bruises and pharmacy products – ointments and gels based on plants – balm “Rescuer”, ointment “Arnica”, cream “Bodyaga”. Drugs that tonic and regenerate vessels can also be used – Troxevasin gel, Indovasin and Lyoton ointments.

Remember that all the above means can only speed up the process of tissue regeneration. After all, it will take from 1 to 3 weeks for the bruise to disappear, depending on its size and intensity.

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