How to deal with excessive sweating of the legs?

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When the feet sweat excessively, it brings discomfort to life. Constantly wet and unpleasantly smelling shoes, cold feet and frequent colds, a feeling of embarrassment at a party when you need to take off your shoes.

This problem is familiar to many women and men. Someone reconciles with his shortcoming, someone actively, but unsuccessfully fights with it. What to do if your feet sweat? There are methods of treatment in folk and traditional medicine.

Why do feet sweat?

The feet are the active zone of the body. There are millions of sweat glands on it, and due to them, sweating occurs under the influence of impulses from the nerves of the legs, in order to cool the foot in hot weather. Sweating also increases with stress, health problems.

Millions of microbes constantly live on the foot, which feed on dying skin particles. In a humid, warm environment, they feel like they are in a resort and begin to secrete odorous waste products. Sometimes a fungus joins them, which also loves heat and humidity. This tandem gives a specific smell of sweaty feet, sometimes becoming unbearable.

intensifies sweating and the smell in shoes that do not let air through – rubber boots, sneakers of low quality, tight shoes, synthetics on the legs. In addition, it contributes to increased sweating and odor, circulatory disorders in the feet with vascular problems.

How to deal with sweating?

In order to cope with sweaty feet, there are simple and effective measures that have an effect if they are systematically applied daily.

First of all, foot hygiene is necessary: ​​they must be washed frequently. Even if you have been on your feet all day, and by the evening you have no strength, take foot bath, wash your feet thoroughly with soap. Then dry your feet, and especially the spaces between your toes. Humidity is a friend of microbes and fungus.

Shoes and socks

First of all, you need to start with some simple but very effective measures: auditing your shoes and hosiery.

Check your socks – what are they made of? If it’s synthetics, ruthlessly throw them in the trash: synthetic fibers do not allow your feet to breathe. Replace all your socks with cotton ones, they are breathable and keep your feet comfortable. In winter, wear wool socks or socks made of cotton with wool, in a word – from natural fibers.

Sweating feet are harmful to footprints and nylon socks, stockings and tights. But it is difficult for a woman without tights, so take them off immediately upon returning home and immediately stretch and dry them. Every day you should wear only clean tights.

The problem of sweating is exacerbated by wearing shoes made of synthetic materials that interfere with skin respiration and the release of excess heat. The problem is especially aggravated when wearing boots, boots. You should not save on shoes, because sweating feet is a retribution for cheapness.

A separate conversation – about sports shoes. Its purpose is sports and short-term wearing, if worn constantly, this can adversely affect the health of the feet.

Simple treatments

There are several folk recipes that can simply and quickly save you from excessive sweating on your feet. The only condition: they must be applied systemically – then they will give a fairly pronounced effect.

Infusion of birch buds

Infusion of birch buds helps to cope with the problem. It is prepared with alcohol. Take a glass container and add 50 g of birch buds to it, pour half a liter of vodka and leave for ten days in a cold place. Shake the container periodically. The resulting infusion is filtered and used for treatment.

The infusion is applied to a cotton pad or a piece of bandage and carefully wipe the foot with it, paying special attention to the skin around the fingers. Do at least three procedures a day. The course of therapy is usually two weeks, but relief occurs within three to five days. You can not stop treatment, you must complete the entire course.

Bath with decoction of oak bark

A decoction of oak bark is another common and effective remedy for treating excessive sweating of the feet, it is necessary to do foot baths with it.

Brew three tablespoons of bark in half a liter of water in an enameled saucepan, boil, reduce the heat to a minimum and cook for a quarter of an hour. Let the decoction brew for a couple of hours, strain and add in a ratio of one to one to hot water in a basin. Wash your feet first with soap and place in a prepared bath with a decoction. The course of treatment is at least 10 procedures.

Simple treatments (continued)

Boric acid bath

Boric acid powder also helps with this problem. Pour a few sachets of powder into a flat basin, dip your feet into it and carefully trample it, making sure that the powder is well distributed between your toes. Then put on cotton socks and go to bed in them. This procedure must be done for ten days, and for about six months the problem will be solved.

beer bath

For two liters of very hot water, you will need half a liter of real live beer (bottled beer will not work). Soak your feet in this solution for at least ten minutes, preferably before going to bed. Then get wet legs cotton towel and go to bed. The course of treatment with this method is three to four weeks.

Soda compresses

A tablespoon of soda should be diluted in a glass of hot water. Moisten cotton or gauze with this solution, wrap your legs around them, thoroughly soak the skin between your fingers, it sweats the most. The compress is kept for exactly an hour, after which the feet are washed with a large volume of cool, but not icy, water. With a compress, a tingling or burning sensation may be felt, this is not dangerous. The course takes two weeks, and it lasts for six months.

There are also methods of processing with apple cider vinegar, and in case of an urgent measure, lemon juice will help before going to a responsible event. However, it cannot be used as a permanent measure – it is only for a quick and one-time application.

In parallel with the treatment, wipe your shoes daily with a cotton ball dipped in boric acid. This will remove the unpleasant odor from the shoes and disinfect it.

In any case, with severe sweating of the legs, you should consult a doctor: perhaps this is a symptom of the disease.

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