How to distinguish fatigue from symptoms of illness

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There is slush on the street, snow mixed with rain, there is no mood at all, no strength to get to work. Since the morning you can not get together, you constantly yawn. There is absolutely no energy to go to visit friends, have fun, and household chores are pushed aside day by day. Usually this is attributed to fatigue and beriberi, as a result, you go to the nearest pharmacy for vitamins and try once again to go to bed early and get enough sleep.

But is it fatigue? Indeed, diseases can also be hidden under the mask of fatigue. Then evening rest and vitamins in a jar will not help – you will either need to see a doctor or correct the situation on your own.

Let’s test?

Of course, sometimes we take on our shoulders an unbearable burden – to write a term paper overnight or to hand over a report with our heads. Then 100% the cause of your poor health will be fatigue. But if you work in a normal rhythm, do not strain, but there is no strength, you should figure out what is happening with the body. Answer yes or no to a few questions, but try to be as frank as possible.


  • Have you begun to spend more time on recovering yourself in the morning, getting into your usual rhythm?
  • Do you find it difficult to get up early, do you find it difficult to wake up?
  • Do you tense up at work, your performance decreases already in the first half of the day?
  • Is it difficult for you to focus on a difficult issue, to make a decision?
  • Do you forget phone numbers, requests from colleagues, what you need to buy?
  • Do you tone yourself up with tea or coffee?
  • You became react to the weatherbecome drowsy or irritable?
  • Instead of a delicious lunch, do you want to lie on the couch?
  • Do you feel palpitations, discomfort in the chest area?
  • Are your hands or feet often cold?
  • Are you feeling feverish, sweaty, or dizzy?
  • Do you have constipation or loose stools?
  • Do you have attacks of aggression towards the world, phenomena – “everyone got it”, “everyone enrages me!”?
  • Have the people around you started telling you that you are irritable or “lost the chain”?
  • Do you have an allergy?
  • Sex is no longer so desirable for you?
  • Do you have difficulty falling asleep?
  • Are your hair dull, your nails brittle, and your facial skin flawed?
  • You are not happy with the reflection in the mirror, and, looking into it, you think “God, how everything is running!”?

Let’s sum up the testing…

Count the number of positive responses.

If your result is 3 or moreit’s time for you to really take a break and take yourself seriously,

If a over 5 – this is not a banal fatigue. These are manifestations of the syndrome of the so-called “chronic fatigue”, which is considered within the framework of pathology and requires therapy, or manifestations of certain diseases and metabolic disorders in the body.

If you are tired and…

  • do not eat meat and fish,
  • you have heavy periods
  • you are constantly sleeping on the go,
  • you have low blood pressure
  • circles under the eyes,
  • poor appetite,
  • your hair has lost its healthy shine, split ends and masks do not help them,
  • nails break,
  • dry and pale skin

These are signs of iron deficiency and other types. anemia. Take a blood test to determine the level of hemoglobin.Due to the fact that there is little hemoglobin in the blood, it cannot deliver enough oxygen to the body. Cells suffer from “oxygen starvation”. Metabolism is disturbed **, ** as a result, you feel unwell.

If anemia is detected, the doctor will prescribe you a course of iron in combination with vitamin preparations and a special diet. After a couple of weeks, you will already feel that you have become much better, but you can not quit the course of treatment.

If you are tired and…

  • you always get up at the alarm clock, it is difficult and with a “creak”, constantly rearranging it “for another 5 minutes”,
  • in the afternoon you constantly yawn and can’t really do anything,
  • in warm rooms or at lectures you tend to sleep,
  • after eating, you want to sleep more,
  • if you sleep until noon on weekends

At you chronic sleep deprivation. It’s time for you to go on vacation give yourself a chance get enough sleep. If rest is not possible for a number of reasons, make it a rule to go to bed early during the week. This will get you in shape quickly.

Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

If you are tired and…

  • 3-5 days before your period you have irritability,
  • unmotivated fatigue,
  • loss of appetite
  • sore chest,
  • aching lower back or lower abdomen,
  • swelling occurs,
  • headache,
  • you don’t want sex
  • aggression occurs.

Most likely you have premenstrual syndrome. It occurs due to pelvic inflammatory disease, sedentary lifestyle and chronic stress. You need the help of a gynecologist and correction of the condition with the help of medications or physiotherapy.

If you are tired and…

  • your periods are getting shorter or longer
  • there was discomfort or pain,
  • there are manifestations of PMS and you break down at everyone,
  • unwanted hairs on the body

Perhaps, against the background of constant stress and fatigue, you have experienced hormonal disbalance. It’s time for you to see a gynecologist. An increased level of the male hormone testosterone (and it is a stress hormone!) Threatens with cycle disorders and infertility, if the treatment is delayed.

The doctor will examine you, send you to do a blood test for hormone levels, and, if necessary, prescribe you sedatives, vitamins, and even hormonal drugs (usually in the form of oral contraceptives) for two to three months.

If you are tired and…

  • always want to sleep
  • suffer from headaches,
  • you are anxious
  • blood rushes to the face,
  • heart starts beating wildly
  • there is a feeling of stuffiness and pain in the abdomen,
  • loosens the stool

You have shown symptoms of vegetative-vascular dystonia. See a therapist or neurologist after all, VVD, without timely treatment, can manifest itself in the form of a special condition – a vagoinsular crisis. Then the blood sugar level drops sharply, aggression and sharp lethargy appear, you can even lose consciousness, and after an attack your head will hurt for a long time, you will feel sick and sleepy.

The doctor will prescribe a set of examinations and drugs that will regulate the functioning of the nervous system in combination with sedatives. It makes sense to take sick leave or vacation, stay at home for a while and take care of yourself.

If you are tired and…

  • in the morning there is no strength to go to work,
  • you are reluctant to do anything around the house,
  • the faces of your colleagues make you irritated to the point of wanting to “blow the hell out of this whole office!”

Are you stressed. Relax and fix your nerves. Go on a holiday at your own expense, take valerian, get enough sleep and exercise.

Remember – chronic stress is the cause of all diseases!


Fatigue is the body’s signal that it’s time to slow down a bit, stop, and give it a break. Then he, fresh and vigorous, will be able to work in full force.

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