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My unique situation today was that I wanted cabbage in the morning. There was no cabbage at home – I had breakfast with scrambled eggs and cucumber and, not feeling satisfied, went to work.

The work did not go … I wrote about a divorce, but I thought about cabbage. Then she began to write about the difference between hunger and appetite – and again thought about cabbage. The article stalled. Chocolate, carefully offered by colleagues, did not save me… As a result, I got up, left my workplace without permission and rushed to the nearest supermarket. For cabbage, yes. Now I’m writing.

Tactic number 1. Surrender

And the first thing I want to tell you: the best way to fight your appetite is immediate surrender! The sooner you give up, the less you will suffer. So today I ate two eggs, a cucumber and a chocolate bar. And cabbage, of course. And could be limited to one cabbage. This is not to say that cabbage is useful and everyone needs it. Equally, the recommendation works if you want to eat a fried chicken leg, or ice cream, or a herring under a fur coat. Eat them already and calm down, do not try to distract yourself with healthy carrots, oatmeal and bran – you will eat them for 3000 kcal, and then you will still reach for the product of your dreams. History, however, only works if you know how to not confuse hunger with appetite.

Tactic number 2. Differentiation

How not to confuse hunger with appetite? Ideally, of course, you should find a specialist in the correction of eating behavior and consult with him. But in reality, everything is not so complicated: if you haven’t eaten for more than three hours, you don’t get cold, you don’t get nervous, you don’t see any of your favorite dishes in front of you at the moment, but you still want to eat – this is hunger. If an appetite has been played out (for example, from studying our “Cooking” section), then all provocative factors must be eliminated: go to the “Sex” section or simply leave the confectionery store.

Tactic number 3. Relaxation

Leave aside all the stories you know about powerful willpower: they only spoil the mood. And from a spoiled mood, most normal people increase their appetite, because there is an instinctive need to console themselves with at least something. And don’t eat in a bad mood. At all. Drink valerian, calm down – then eat (if you don’t change your mind).

Tactic number 4. Consultation

There are people who always want to eat. If this is not an eating disorder (you forbid yourself all the time, that’s why you want it all the time), then you should check the level of glucose in the blood. Inescapable hunger is one of the signs of insulin resistance: glucose does not enter the cells of the body, they experience a constant lack of nutrients. The body signals hunger, you eat, blood glucose levels rise, and the cells still get nothing. It’s a vicious circle. Very often, after consulting an endocrinologist and prescribing drugs that increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin, appetite returns to normal. But sometimes you also need to consult a psychotherapist.

Tactic number 5. Flight (or departure)

This vicious circle is more difficult to break than insulin (however, insulin resistance in carriers of the “beer belly” almost certainly develops), because pills are not enough – you have to run. Or be like. But a lot. Fat on the abdomen is driven only by aerobic exercise.


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