How to force yourself to exercise: 6 effective tips

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We are instructed by Daria Ermilova, winner of the Top 5 fitness championship of the Moscow Region in the Bikini Fitness nomination.

Choose the right sport

Often we cannot force ourselves to exercise when the sport is not to our liking. Why exhaust yourself with running if kickboxing is closer to you? Why go to the pool if the smell of chlorine alone makes you sick and cold in the water? It’s understandable that you don’t like anything to begin with. So try a little of everything. For example, a month you go to the pool, a month to the gym, a month to tennis, a month to aerobics (or you can alternate classes every other day or two) … Pretty soon you will understand which workouts you go to with pleasure, and which ones you attend purely out of a sense of duty . Remove the latter from your schedule.

Hire a personal trainer

A coach is a person who can make you train. Yes, many of us need an overseer. In addition, he will help develop a competent class schedule, show the correct technique for performing exercises and make classes interesting. But the coach must be chosen wisely. If you don’t agree on the characters, each workout is associated with hard labor – change the coach. At the start, you need support and attention.

Don’t go far from home

The closer a sports club is to home or work, the easier it will be to attend. Too often we give up sports just because the road is more exhausting than training.


Shy or overweight people can’t bring themselves to exercise thinking they’ll be looked at and laughed at because they’re so clumsy. You know, people who have been playing sports for a long time are too busy with themselves to look at and evaluate the new ones. And people who, like you, recently came to the gym, are themselves quite clumsy and complex no less than you. So go back to point #2, focus all your attention on your personal trainer, don’t get distracted. And while doing on a treadmill, put on headphones – this psychologically isolates you from the outside world.

Combine useful with useful

What is the main excuse for all “non-athletes”? That’s right: “There is no time!”.

She won’t ride again. You can perfectly combine sports activities with some other useful thing: while jogging and stretching, you can walk the dog, listen to audio books or lectures through an mp3 player or phone, even learn foreign words.

Keep a diary of achievements

Frustration is another reason many people quit sports. Don’t even expect to “make a body” in a month. The body needs to be engaged constantly, so set yourself mini-tasks: today, for example, you do a circuit training, but without overexerting yourself. The day after tomorrow is cardio. A day later – a run in the park and the pool. Record your achievements every two to three weeks (not more often): how many kilometers you ran, how many times you pulled yourself up, how many times you shook your abs, how much weight you lifted … Watching how the indicators change, you will want to play sports to become even better. And for God’s sake, you don’t need to weigh yourself every day – you won’t lose weight in a day, even if you spend them in the gym!

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