How to get out of the fast without compromising health

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When you, after a long dietary restriction, pounce on food, then anything is possible: gastritis, cholecystitis, and pancreatitis … Only the New Year can be compared with Easter in terms of the number of ambulance calls.

A lot depends on the purpose of the post. If fasting for you is associated with faith and a period of reflection, with awareness, then you should have followed your desires and passions, understood yourself – in this case, the return to earthly joys will be non-traumatic and calm.

A person who fasts for religious reasons, in general, does not go on a diet: consciously and intuitively, he chooses what he wants from the allowed basket of products, without infringing on himself. Therefore, the risk of compulsive overeating at the exit from the fast is small. But it is possible that the transition from lean foods to fatty and protein foods in itself will be stressful for the body. And our task is to avoid this.

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