How to get rid of heavy legs: 5 effective exercises

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If you spend all day on your feet, then in the evening you can only lie down and watch advertisements for saving creams and gels. Gels tried but not saved? Then we have some proven exercises that will help relieve tension in tired legs and get rid of lead heaviness. But this does not relieve you of the need to go to a phlebologist: more serious measures may be required than gymnastics.

About 20% of the population in developed countries suffer from varicose veins. That is literally one in five. In Russia, more than 38 million patients are officially registered, of which 15% have trophic disorders and complications of varying severity. Let’s try not to be one of them.

These exercises can be done before work, after work, and some even during work. They will make your life easier.

Rolling the ball with your feet

To reduce tension in the soft tissues of the foot, it is useful to roll a small ball with your feet once a day for a couple of minutes – a ball for field hockey, tennis, or special massage balls that are sold in a pharmacy are great for this purpose. Life hack: look for a ball of the right size in a pet store: dogs like to chase after such balls in the parks. You need to perform the exercise alternately with each foot, rolling the ball from heel to toe and back – at least 50 times.

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Exercises you can do at work

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