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And we have. Julia Verklova sees a catch in everything. Including – and in its flexibility. Therefore, here is an article about connective tissue dysplasia.

As a baby, I loved to suck my toe. All babies do this, which is why all parents think their baby is naturally flexible. By the age of 5, everyone becomes children like children and their feet do not reach their heads. But some are still able to throw their heels over their ears, sit on a split, or, for example, curl up. Then the parents rejoice and take these lovely girls and boys (girls – more often) to ballet or rhythmic gymnastics. Prospects! I was sent to a Caucasian dance studio, because there were no ballet and gymnastics nearby. I left her after 10 years. By that time, I had already been officially diagnosed with scoliosis and valgus curvature of the feet – everyone decided that it was from ballet shoes and walking on my toes. And, in general, this conclusion was not far from the truth.

Connective tissue dysplasia

In fact, the excessive flexibility of the child is a reason to be afraid not only of flat feet and “bones” on the leg.

Most often, very flexible people have:

  • Mitral valve prolapse – the valve leaflets begin to sag due to increased elasticity.
  • Varicose veins of the lower extremities. The connective tissue is located in the wall of the vessel, and if it is too elastic, the vein expands and can no longer retain its original correct shape.
  • Visual impairment – due to the weakness of the ligamentous apparatus, which changes the curvature of the lens.
  • Pathological dislocations in the same joint.
  • Hygromas – benign tumors – bumps on the wrist or ankle, which, in fact, are a protrusion of the joint capsule.
  • Omission of the kidney (nephroptosis) – when the ligamentous apparatus that supports the kidney is weak and the kidney is lower than it should be.
  • Prolapse of the pelvic organs.
  • Visceral syndrome – a change in the position or shape of the gallbladder, dyskinesia, reflux esophagitis.
  • People with connective tissue dysplasia are also prone to panic attacks and fatigue.

Until the mid-60s of the last century, all these diseases were not considered interconnected, and then it became clear that the pathology was systemic, genetically determined (that is, hereditary). And it was called “connective tissue dysplasia”, or “hypermobility syndrome”. Do you still want to develop your flexibility?

How do people know they have connective tissue dysplasia?

As a rule, people learn about it from articles on websites. I’m serious. That is, if everything is so neglected in a baby that hip dysplasia is already detected, then, of course, parents and doctors are worried and take emergency measures. And if infancy is over, and the stretch remains good, then no one will write down extra diagnoses for you. On the contrary, they will say rejoice: the child’s career is predetermined … All the problems listed above will be treated for you separately.

Whether they are links in the same chain will help you understand a simple test. Try tilting your hand so that your thumb touches your forearm. Happened? One way or both?

If in one, you can suspect yourself. If both, do not even hesitate!

Now, in addition to the flat feet and scoliosis acquired in childhood, I also have astigmatism (vision problems). The list is not expanded, probably only because I realized in time that stretching and yoga, although easy for me, do not bring any benefits.

Can dysplasia be cured?

To improve the quality of life of people who are too flexible, Anna Malkova advises considering the following:

  • If there is a suspicion of this diagnosis, you should not go on diets, you need to eat normally, controlling weight with comfortable physical exercises. You need sufficient muscle mass.
  • But you can’t get better either: a predisposition to varicose veins will instantly manifest itself due to excess weight. If you do not provoke the disease, then it can wait (it will make itself felt not at the age of 30, but at 50).
  • To prevent varicose veins, you will have to give up heels and “standing” work (hairdresser, salesman behind the counter, etc.). It makes sense to choose compression stockings.
  • With the help of ultrasound, mitral valve prolapse is diagnosed – further tactics are determined by cardiologists.
  • Now it is believed that in the syndrome of hypermobility of the joints there is an effect of magnesium preparations. Such drugs work well in childhood, and in adults the effect of magnesium is weak. Adults and children with such a diagnosis need to form a muscular corset and correct movement patterns. That is, power loads and swimming are your everything.

Which sport to choose if you have dysplasia

On strength, I have to admit, I always feel like a loser. It’s hard, you know, to stand in a plank or squeeze a barbell when the joints, like those of a grasshopper, bend in a completely unpredictable direction. And muscle mass in people like me is growing very poorly. That is, you may not get out of the gym, but the cubes will not be drawn on your stomach. Small consolation – leaving a workout, it’s easy to sit on the splits and show your tongue to some embossed beauty: in a minute you will get up from the splits and again look like a lazy person, and her relief will remain with her.

But (this will definitely console you!) You find it difficult to gain not only muscle mass, but any mass in general. Most normal people quit sports and quickly lose shape and get fat; you are not.

By the way, about sports. Your gutta-percha child has every chance of becoming rich and famous.

This is a matter of priorities: if you want a secure old age, send a super-flexible child to ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, a circus school – all exercises will be easier for him than for his peers, and he will achieve success faster. If you want your child to be healthy (although there would not be enough stars from the sky), give him a swim: it will allow him to strengthen the muscular corset and joints.

Similarly, in adulthood: if you want to shine – go to stretching, yoga or latin, if you want to live happily ever after – you need Pilates, callanetics, swimming and strength training.

Now gutta-percha people are going through hard times, because what are the most fashionable sports in our time? Yoga and running.

However, Nordic walking is already replacing them – it gives us a chance not only to survive, but also to be in trend.

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