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Low blood pressure is almost as common as high blood pressure. But, fortunately, it does not lead to catastrophic consequences. However, the quality of a person’s life is deteriorating so much that, willy-nilly, measures have to be taken. Goodshapetips recently told how you can lower blood pressure, and today we give advice on how to increase it.

Signs of hypotension

A person suffering from low blood pressure can be recognized very quickly: weakness and a decrease in vitality are visible to the naked eye, the face is pale and haggard, the collar is often wide open, because there is a feeling of lack of air.

All these signs are especially noticeable in the morning, because waking up and getting out of bed for a hypotensive patient is a real torment. By the way, this is why a person constantly yawns: he lacks not only sleep, but also oxygen.

There are also more specific symptoms that the doctor will always pay attention to and suggest hypotension without even measuring the pressure. They are very similar to signs of vegetative-vascular dystonia: weakness, sweating of the feet and hands, nausea and a decrease in body temperature.

If we talk about the psychological state, there is emotional instability: irritability, tearfulness, memory impairment, absent-mindedness, inability to concentrate and intolerance to loud sounds and bright lights.

Of course, in case of hypotension, first of all, you should contact a qualified specialist and strictly follow his recommendations. It is also possible and necessary to use folk remedies, but only as an adjunct therapy to the main drug treatment.

How to increase blood pressure at home

As an emergency measure, you can drink strong sweet tea or coffee, eat a piece of chocolate, a slice of lemon or something salty. If possible, you should take a contrast shower and lie down or sit for 10 minutes, raising your legs above head level.

You can use the acupuncture method: press hard on the point under the nose, hold the pressure for one minute. Repeat up to 10 times.

Here are some more simple and healthy recipes:

  • Pour two cups of boiling water over 30 g of thistle herb, insist, cool and take half a cup three times a day.
  • 10 g of immortelle pour 20 ml of boiling water. Take thirty drops of decoction twice a day before meals.
  • Mix 40 g of licorice root, 30 g of chicory, 30 g of volodushka, 15 g of juniper, 20 g of dandelion roots. Two tablespoons of the collection pour 500 ml of boiling water, leave for 12 hours and drink the infusion in small portions during the day.
  • Take 20 g of yarrow, 30 g of licorice roots, kidney mountaineer and mountain ash, as well as 40 g of hawthorn. Prepare and take the infusion in the same way as in the previous recipe.

Hypotension during pregnancy

Expectant mothers should certainly tell their gynecologist about the tendency to hypotension and keep in mind that during pregnancy, blood pressure can drop much more often. Remember: the baby is most often not in danger, but your well-being can deteriorate significantly, up to fainting. The emotional state of the expectant mother can also change significantly – from isolation and irritability to a state of euphoria and an all-encompassing love for all living things.

Under the supervision of a doctor, you can use some folk remedies that are also used outside of pregnancy. Usually gynecologists and cardiologists advise drinking strong and sweet tea (preferably green). It is good to add a slice of lemon to tea.

The use of medicinal herbs must be approved by a doctor, but good sleep, fractional nutrition, long walks and water procedures, including swimming in the pool, are useful for everyone.

Prevention of hypotension

Remember that you need to sleep at least 8 hours! You need to wake up every morning slowly, gradually, then do the simplest physical exercises. No great physical exertion is required, just enough to keep your body in good shape. Then it is good to take a contrast shower.

You should eat well, using a sufficient amount of vitamins. In addition, it is important to drink plenty of pure water.


By the way, as a rule, refined people with a fragile mental organization, impressionable and creative suffer from low blood pressure. It is very important to learn to be an optimist, enjoy life and walk a lot in the fresh air. This will benefit both mood and health!

How do you feel about your own health?

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