How to increase vitality during menopause: expert answers

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Why does menopause occur?

The amount of estrogen produced decreases with age, and this is the main hormone that regulates the functioning of the systems of the female body. 50 years – the average age of entry into menopause, plus or minus 5 years.

What are the signs of the beginning of the premenopausal period? First of all, the menstrual cycle is disturbed – menstruation begins to “get confused”. The metabolism slows down and more effort is required to maintain normal weight. There are problems with blood pressure, “hot flashes” torment, women feel dryness during intimate contact. These manifestations require specialist advice.

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Unfortunately, oncological diseases often occur during menopause, so constant monitoring by an oncologist is necessary.

What helps you deal with the situation?

Hormone replacement therapy, which is selected individually, has shown itself well. Taking special hormonal drugs allows you to mislead the body and prolong youth for many years. But, unfortunately, substitution therapy cannot eliminate age-related urinary incontinence and intimate problems.

With age and after childbirth, the tone of the pelvic floor muscles weakens, which leads to prolapse of the internal organs and a problem with the sphincter. As a result, when sneezing, and when the situation worsens and when laughing, a certain amount of urine is released, which causes physical and emotional discomfort. Women have to use special pads.

Weakness of the pelvic muscles also leads to the loss of the ability to experience orgasms, which causes sexual dissatisfaction and quarrels with a partner. Substitution therapy will not cope with these problems, but a special set of exercises is very successful. It will help to improve the body without the use of drugs, get rid of incontinence, improve sex life and get energy that increases not only mood, but also immunity.

Workouts that restore health

Regular exercise helps to activate blood circulation in the pelvic area, thereby improving the nutrition of organs and tissues. This increases local immunity and prevents the development of inflammatory diseases of the reproductive system. Another plus of training is that the muscles are strengthened, the organs return to their original position, and the situation with incontinence improves.

Strong pelvic floor muscles are the key to a beautiful posture, as the correct balance is maintained.

But it is important to remember that not all training is beneficial. It is necessary to choose the set of exercises that will involve the necessary muscles without causing an increase in internal pressure in the pelvic area. Any pressure can make the situation worse. Therefore, it is recommended to control the exercise using a special device equipped with a sensor. But not with a pressure sensor, but with a sensor for measuring the amount of generated energy. Based on these data, the state of the internal muscles and the effectiveness of the exercises performed are assessed.

Regular training of the pelvic floor muscles will allow you to enter the period of menopause gently and reduce the negative impact of its accompanying symptoms, while maintaining the quality of your sex life and improving your mood.

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