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Is it possible to lose weight in your sleep? Oddly enough, yes. Goodshapetips does not promise that in one night you will be able to lose several kilograms at once. But proper and healthy sleep will definitely help you normalize your metabolism and get rid of a little extra weight!

What you need to do to lose weight in your sleep

A person is lazy by nature, he does not like unnecessary fuss and extra effort. In addition, often in difficult situations, we do not take any action in the hope that the problem will resolve itself. Many probably remember the old school tradition – to put a textbook under the pillow before an important test. Everyone wants to look good without putting too much effort into it. There is no magic night diet, but there is a correct attitude to the regimen and nutrition for a certain time before bedtime.

It would be more correct to reformulate and expand the question, breaking it into several components:

  • how to get ready for bed
  • how to sleep
  • how to eat and what to eat before bed

Armed with the answers to these questions and following a number of rules, you can help yourself get rid of excess weight.

Keep a sleep schedule

In sleep, we spend about 50-60 calories every hour, and for this process to happen correctly, you need to have a full healthy sleep, that is, sleep at least eight hours every day. Keep a sleep schedule even during holidays and weekends, try to go to bed at the same time. It is advisable to fall asleep before midnight, then your body will have the most complete metabolism. With a small amount of sleep time, less than 5 hours, the hormone ghrelin begins to be actively produced, which stimulates appetite, while the production of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for metabolic processes, is significantly reduced.

What does lack of sleep lead to?

Lack of sleep, as well as a broken regime, leads to a slow reaction not only of mental processes, but also of internal signals about satiety, as a result of which your brain understands a little later what and how much you ate. During the difference between sending a signal and responding, you have time to eat some more food. In addition, with lack of sleep, you begin to get tired faster and more – and, as a result, more often “reinforce yourself”.

Take care of the vessels

If you want to lose weight in your sleep, do not forget about the sufficient amount of oxygen and respect for the vessels. The recommended room temperature should not exceed 20 degrees. Do not drink strong alcohol before bed and do not smoke if you have not yet left this addiction in the past. Your body needs a proper rest, because of nicotine and alcohol, the brain will be much worse saturated with oxygen, since as a result of their impact on the body, the vessels narrow.

In addition, alcohol and nicotine are powerful stimulants of the nervous system – just like coffee, black tea, chocolate, ginger.

Eat right

Dinner should be light. The recommendations not to eat after six or after nine in the evening have their own reason, but it would be more correct to say that the last meal should be two or three hours before bedtime. But this restriction does not apply, for example, to patients with diabetes mellitus.

Eliminate foods high in calories and carbohydrates. Spaghetti carbonara or fried potatoes with meat are not the best choice for dinner. Cook and eat those foods that are easily and quickly digested: green or vegetable salad, baked fish or poultry, natural yoghurts. Pay attention to light protein foods and fiber. Because of the high content of glucose, fruits are best left for breakfast. Another old and true recommendation is to drink a glass of kefir at night.

Factor of food and psychology

You have probably noticed that when watching a movie, news or while communicating on social networks, we imperceptibly eat more than we really would like. Indeed, for the company with the main character of the television series, you can have dinner for the second time. Meanwhile, there is a definite difference between psychological and physiological hunger.

Also try not to go to bed in a bad mood. You will fall asleep longer, and the dream itself will turn out to be more restless, since your anxieties and nervousness will definitely be recorded in the subconscious.

Get ready for bed in the morning

Fifth, you need to get ready for bed in the morning, a hearty and full breakfast and a hearty lunch will help you cope with hunger during the day and avoid overeating in the evening.

go in for sports

Make it a rule to do physical activity. They will help improve metabolism, relieve nervous tension and give the necessary feeling of physical fatigue. It is not necessary to spend many hours in the gym, it can be a short run or relaxing yoga.

And finally – an interesting fact about sleep: it is believed that a person grows in a dream, regardless of age. This is due to the fact that up to 70% of growth hormone is secreted at night.

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