How to lose weight in one year without doing anything special

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Lazy with impunity further. We will not drive you to run in the morning and do push-ups after work. We won’t take your last donut or make you count calories. The whole trick is to sneak into a healthy lifestyle without you even noticing it.

Think long term

The “small steps” tactic is very popular, but it doesn’t work. When you have a goal to lose weight in a week by 1 kg, you will get on the scale twice a day and constantly think about food. Think big: once you switch to a healthy lifestyle, then you will live for a long time.

You want to spend the main part of your life in the weight category (for example) of 60 kg – we will move towards this figure, without limiting ourselves to any specific deadlines. To do this, of course, you will have to organize a nutrition and fitness plan, which you can stick to almost always.

Everyone wants fast results in a short time. It’s not difficult, in general, to squeeze your will into a fist for a couple of months. The problem is that as soon as you open this fist, the weight will return. Losing weight is a long game. Maintaining weight is lifelong. Therefore, there is no need to torture yourself.

Make a small concession to healthy lifestyle

Quite small – so you don’t feel sorry for it. Take a sugar cube out of every cup of coffee and add a couple of extra moves to your daily routine.

Three sugar cubes in coffee or tea is 5.5 kg of sugar per year. Put in two pieces. One if you can. How many times a day do you drink tea with sugar? You can calculate how much glucose will not get into you because of such a seemingly meager concession.

Three more times a week, add 30 minutes of cardio. How much time do you spend in the gym now? Hour? Let it be one and a half.

Don’t go to the gym at all? OK. Then just three times a week for half an hour – a quick brisk move (on business or without business). You may not feel anything, but in a year you will gain an additional 78 hours of cardio training. Little things matter a lot.

And one more small concession

Fat can be hidden from you as discreetly as sugar. For starters, come to terms with the idea that you don’t fry anything in oil anymore. You can bake in the oven. Grilling is also possible.

Eat a little of everything. Do not drive yourself into rigid limits: you always want to break out of them.

Practice in between

Often the problem comes down to lack of time. You don’t go to the gym because you don’t have time. Don’t exercise at home because you don’t get enough sleep anyway. Don’t run in the park because… Because!

The healthiest communities in the world are active all day long. People in rural areas are generally healthier than their urban peers. And it’s not just the fresh air. The point is constant and inevitable physical exertion: you can get from point A to point B either on foot or by bike – that’s cardio for you. You need to plow the garden, cultivate the garden, load the crop, knead the bread with your hands … Such random exercises allow you to keep the body in good shape.

What can you do for yourself in the city? Skip the elevator. It doesn’t matter what floor you live on – first go up to the one you have enough strength for, the rest of the way you will ride the elevator. Add to the walking rise, say, one floor per month. 12 floors in a year – very good!

Use public transport – save yourself from traffic jams and physical inactivity. On the escalator in the subway, also go up and down on foot. Do not go straight to the record: go as far as you can, adding a step a day.

Well, do not make yourself dependent on buses – walk, ride a bike.

The main thing is to follow the chosen course daily and steadily. You will be surprised when you compare your parameters now and in a year.

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