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All children are different: someone gets ARVI no more than once a year, and someone practically does not get out of colds. Many mothers want to know what determines resistance to colds and how to make a child more resistant to viruses. Goodshapetips offers to sort out these sore mother’s issues.

How does the virus protection system work? Resistance to viral infections depends on the state of the child’s immunity. This body system provides protection against any foreign agents – viruses, bacteria or toxins.

The immune system is represented by tissues that, upon receiving a special signal, relatively speaking, “Attention, a foreign substance!”, Begin to produce protective cells and proteins – they are carried throughout the body with the bloodstream and contribute to the destruction of viruses.

Maintaining health requires a well-coordinated work of the defense system so that the necessary cells are produced quickly and in sufficient quantities. Failures in the immune system lead to a decrease in resistance to infections and the development of the disease.

Too violent a reaction to a foreign substance (antigen) leads to the development of an allergy, which ultimately depletes the defenses. Therefore, children with allergies are especially in need of the prevention of viral diseases – their unbalanced immune system does not cope well with protection.

In the cold season, when many children get sick, it is important to have the most necessary drugs at hand in the home medicine cabinet: antiviral, antipyretic, children’s multivitamins, chamomile tincture for gargling. This will save time, nerves and strength if the baby suddenly starts to have a cold.

Beware of a virus attack!

What happens in the body when a virus enters? Cells of the immune system that travel throughout the body recognize the foreign substance (antigen) and immediately signal for the production of other cells and protective proteins.

This mechanism can be very simplistically compared to the work of people in the office: one person responds to calls from visitors, another guards the office, the third is responsible for the materials necessary for work.

The production of protective cells and proteins in response to the invasion of viruses is called the immune response – this is how the immune system reacts to a signal of danger. The outcome of the battle “immunity against viruses” depends on the strength of the immune response.

If the immune system is weakened, the viruses penetrate the cells of the nasopharynx, causing a cold.

In weakened and often ill children, the immune response may be insufficient in strength – their defense system has exhausted its resources, it needs to be restored. This is how a vicious circle is formed: frequent illness weakens the immune system, which causes frequent illness.

This circle can be broken only by strengthening the immune system.

Strengthen the child’s immunity

There are many recommendations for strengthening immunity, but at the peak of the incidence, perhaps the most appropriate measure would be to take children’s immunomodulators – drugs that increase immunity.

The time for other methods has already been lost: it is better to start hardening in the warm season, when the child is completely healthy, and the vaccination must be done before the start of the cold season.

General measures regarding proper nutrition and adherence to the daily routine are good for health, but you should not expect a quick effect from them.

Therefore, children’s immunomodulators are the best helpers in such a situation. For example, Anaferon for children has a double effect: it blocks the reproduction of viruses in the body and activates the immune system.

In this case, the drug acts as a “guard”, which gives the immune system a signal about the need to produce more protective cells and proteins.

It is recommended to use it at the first symptoms of a cold, when the child is just starting to get sick: the temperature rises, a sore throat and nasal congestion appear.

At this point, Anaferon for children can help stop a cold by accelerating the production of protective substances that destroy viruses.

It has been proven that taking the drug during a cold reduces the risk of complications and speeds up the onset of recovery.

But it is better to start taking Anaferon for children before the start of the flu and cold season for the purpose of prevention – to protect the child from colds. The drug can be given to babies from the age of one month.

For the smallest, it is recommended to dissolve the tablet in a teaspoon of water at room temperature. Anaferon for children can be recommended to children with allergies – the medicine helps to restore that part of the immune defense that has been weakened due to allergies.

Take care of your child’s health: children’s immunomodulators will help you say “no” to endless colds!

* There are contraindications. Before use, you must read the instructions.

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