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Having rejoiced a little at the first signs of spring, we begin to dream about summer – we want to throw off the heavy burden of winter clothes, put on a light dress, turn our shoulders to the sun; and even better – grab a swimsuit and go to the beach somewhere on the warm ocean … True, pale skin is a little embarrassing, and even your favorite jeans on the hips in the most shameless way give out the belly that has taken over the winter from somewhere. It doesn’t matter, all this is fixable – there is still a lot of time before “completely undressing”, and, obeying the program laid down in us by fashion magazines, we set off along a well-known route: to a fitness club and a solarium.

However, there is one “but” in this program, which can reduce all our efforts to zero. The desired result can be achieved only if the above means of maintaining shape are combined with proper nutrition, rich in vitamins and microelements.

Scientists from the Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences have calculated that even in the most balanced diet of a modern person, vitamin deficiency is 20-30%.. In recent years, there has been a pronounced insufficient intake of vitamins A, groups B, C, E in our country. Vitamin A deficiency was found in 40% of the surveyed, B vitamins in 30-40%, vitamin C in 70%. At the same time, scientists note that vitamin deficiency is found not only in the winter-spring period, but also in the summer-autumn period too!

People who engage in active physical activity need to consume more vitamins A, C and E than those who lead a measured lifestyle. These vitamins are the most difficult to obtain from ordinary food, but without them there is no energy for running, swimming and even just walking, and there is no strong body. So it turns out that the more active our life, the more insistently our body requires the missing vitamins.

Going to the fitness club in the spring to get in good shape for the summer season, we simply don’t think about the fact that our active physical exercises can further weaken the body, tired during the winter due to the lack of vitamins. Moreover, vitamin deficiency reduces the activity of the immune system, the body’s resistance to colds and other diseases, aggravates the course of any ailments, makes their treatment more difficult, accelerates aging and wear and tear of the body, and reduces the duration of an active working life.

Therefore, it is simply necessary to add one more, but very essential link to the program described by us above – to take vitamins! And do it systematically and regularly. Most urban dwellers have already developed a good habit of drinking synthetic vitamins every day.

Of course, there will always be opponents of pills and pills, living under the motto: “nature is the best pharmacy”! Moreover, the doses of vitamins needed by a person every day seem ridiculous and are measured in thousandths of a gram. However, getting all the necessary vitamins for at least one day is not so easy. For example, in order for the body to get all the vitamin B9 due to it, it is necessary to eat a kilogram of wheat bread or 180 grams of parsley per day. The daily requirement of vitamin D is contained in 100 grams of butter. And lipoic acid – vitamin N – with a supply for 1 day can be obtained from 5 kilograms of cabbage, or two and a half kilos of brown rice. Just chewing on those foods that contain all the vitamins you need for one day will take about 24 hours.

At the same time, synthetic vitamins are sold without a prescription in any pharmacy, which differ from the “natural” ones, assimilated from food, in only one thing – they are better preserved. But unfortunately, most of us choose the wrong set of micronutrients that the body needs, focusing on beautiful packaging, the advice of friends, or the advertisements we like.

Often these are Western brands that are created based on the European (sausages plus potatoes, all in sauce) or American (hamburgers and lots of ketchup) diet. But we are used to eating differently. This means that the set of vitamins in our daily diet is completely different, and the needs of our body are noticeably different. So it is wiser and more useful to choose among those vitamins that have been developed by our scientists, taking into account our daily diet.

One of the latest developments in this area is Russian vitamin complexes “Vektrum”created by specialists of the Akrikhin company. If you take care of your appearance, go to a fitness club, go in for sports professionally, or have a busy work schedule, the Vectrum Active multivitamin complex will come in handy., containing the same vitamins A, C and E, the combination of which inhibits the activity of free radicals. Vitamin B will help regulate metabolism, vitamin C will provide additional energy and reduce the risk of bruises, sprains and tears in the muscles and tendons, and Biotin will ensure healthy skin, hair and nails, as well as normal perspiration.

The rest of the family, who are not so affected by physical exertion, will use the Vectrum complex, containing the average daily amount of all B vitamins, the lack of which is most often observed among residents of Russia. The Vectrum complex will improve well-being, strengthen the immune system and help prevent infectious diseases. One tablet a day – and you can forget about weakness, bruising under the eyes and chronic fatigue that usually haunts city dwellers.

When buying vitamins for yourself, remember that it is not only us adults who are deficient in these vital elements. Son or daughter will like the Vectrum Junior complexcorresponding to the needs of the growing organism. If you are just waiting for the baby to appear, Vectrum Calcium will provide the body’s needs during pregnancy.. The same complex is very suitable for those who take care of their appearance: it improves the structure of the skin, nails and hair.

So, choose your vitamins, be healthy and have a beautiful summer!

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