How to prepare for a marathon in a month

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Let’s immediately define the terms. A marathon is now generally called any mass race. And this is not very correct. That first guy, the Greek Philippides, who carried the message of victory from Marathon to Athens, ran 42.2 km. Actually, this distance is called a marathon. 21.1 km – half marathon. Everything else is just run.

There are more and more of them every year, they are more massive. Most of them have some kind of charitable background, some are simply and ingenuously aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle … But let’s not forget that poor Philippides, shouting: “Rejoice, Athenians, we won,” fell and died immediately. You do not want to repeat his fate?

42 km is a very long distance, for an untrained person, repeating a marathon feat can end in much the same way (there were precedents). Participants do not undergo any medical examination before the race. It is believed that people who decide to take such a step are aware of the state of their own body, soberly assess their capabilities and understand what they are doing … That is, they are running. The organizers of the races and coaches recognize and insistently remind that for a real marathon one must begin to purposefully prepare about a year in advance.

For a half marathon, that is, for a 21.1 km race, a sports person can prepare in just two months. Three to four weeks are enough to reach a distance of 5 or 10 km. Provided, of course, that you are not a beginner and at least from the beginning of the summer regularly go for a run.

Now that only the most determined ones are left on the monitors, let’s start preparing!

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