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Bath is a traditional procedure of our country. Many people love her very much. But what do those who go to the bathhouse for the first time need to know? It would seem that everything is simple – get ready and go, but in fact, special preparation is needed for the bath. How to prepare for a trip to the bath, says Goodshapetips.

Why do people need a bath?

Even the ancient healers knew that the bath is good for health: it rejuvenates the body and soul, gives strength and vigor, removes toxins. A bath can also cure some diseases of the skin, respiratory system, helps to strengthen the immune system and even lose weight.

But how can you start going to the bath if you have never done it before, what do you need to buy and take with you? After all, a bath is a whole ritual, without which you will not achieve the desired effect.

bath dowry

So, let’s make a list of necessary accessories for going to the bath. What is the Russian banya associated with first of all? With brooms. They are made from different types of wood – birch, linden, oak, eucalyptus and many others. Bath broom choose based on what effect you want to achieve, it massages the skin, activates blood circulation and gives a therapeutic effect.

  • Birch relieves pain in muscles and joints, helps to heal the skin, expands the bronchi.
  • Oak reduces oiliness of the skin, making it elastic, relieves stress.
  • Linden has a diuretic and anti-edematous effect, relieves headaches.
  • Eucalyptus and conifers brooms cure colds.

But a broom is not the only element for going to the bathhouse: the set for a broom requires mittens, as well as a number of other things. Primarily – two sheetsto lay on the shelves and wrap yourself in them. Take two terry bath towels – for hair and body. Definitely needed a cap – it will protect the head and curls from overheating. Hats are sold in the sauna departments – they are usually specially shaped and made of felt. Also needed washable slippers or slippersas it is unhygienic to walk on the floor with bare feet.

In addition, the bath will be especially useful herbal teas (mint, chamomile, linden, fennel, forbs), with honey or fructose, drinks based on fruits or berries – juices, fruit drinks, but not ice, but warm or hot. You can brew them in a thermos and bring them with you.

How to prepare?

The bath does not tolerate fuss – this is a whole ritual, and it must be carried out in a special way. You can not visit the bath on an empty stomach and after a hearty meal and libations. Unfortunately, many of our compatriots go to the banya to drink and eat, interspersed with a steam room, and this is categorically unacceptable. From a useful procedure, it turns into a ticking time bomb.

Bath does not tolerate alcohol and a lot of food, people should go to the bath to cleanse the body and soul! If your life is full of running around, then a bath is a great way to relax and get in shape.

Before going to the bath, you must remove all jewelry from yourself – you can’t go to the steam room with them, you will get burns. And removing and leaving decorations in the dressing room of the steam room is a big risk of being left without them!

6 rules for beginners

  1. Before going to the bath, it is useful to warm up or even swim in the pool for about 15 minutes. This will help your muscles to be enriched with blood, which will enhance the effect of the bath. For the first time, you should not be in the steam room for more than 5 minutes. The air in the bath is hot, so you need to breathe through your nose. Passing through the nasal passages, the air cools down, moisturizes and does not burn the bronchi and lungs.
  2. If you go to a wet steam room, the temperature can be adjusted by pouring water on the stones to reach the optimum temperature in the steam room.
  3. You should not use a broom until you get used to the steam and temperature.
  4. It is important to properly steam the broom. It is doused with boiling water or soaked in hot water for several minutes.
  5. Gradually, being in the steam room should be increased, bringing the time in the steam room to 15 minutes. A visit to the bath should take an average of 2 hours, of which the total steam room should take no more than 40 minutes.
  6. After the steam room, it is necessary to wash the body with warm water and rest for at least half an hour. The duration of the rest should be at least twice as long as the duration of the stay in the steam room.


If you have health problems, you must first consult with your doctor about the possibility of visiting the bath and steam room. With skin diseases, weeping eczema, dermatitis, going to the bath (especially public) may be prohibited.

Be careful to be sick cardiovascular diseases: do not affect the body with very high and very low temperatures – in the steam room do not lie down on high shelves and do not plunge into cold swimming pool, do not wipe with snow. From sudden changes in temperature in such patients, well-being may be disturbed.

It is forbidden to visit the bath during an exacerbation of peptic ulcer, neurological diseases and brain damage (concussion). You should not visit the bath during menstruation.


A bath is a great way to put yourself in order, relax your soul and body. The main thing is to follow simple rules and listen to the advice of experienced bath lovers.

How do you feel about your health?

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