How to prepare the perfect breakfast?

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“What to cook for breakfast?” – this question, perhaps, is asked in the morning by every woman. According to nutritionists, endocrinologists and a number of other doctors, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, because our day begins with it. And this means that the morning menu should be carefully thought out. But what if there is no time for this, but you want to feed your family and eat right yourself?

As you know, breakfast should consist of healthy products, leave a feeling of satiety after itself, so that there is no desire to have some fast food or snacks before dinner, and, of course, be delicious. Combining all this in one dish is very difficult. It wasn’t easy…

Instant porridges “Bystrov”® (oatmeal and multi-cereal) perfectly cope with all these tasks. All cereals contain natural vitamins of groups E and B, minerals, are a source of complex (slowly digested) carbohydrates and fiber. These cereals are made from natural whole grains, so they retain all their beneficial properties.

The main feature of Bystrov® Prebio1 instant oatmeal is that it is enriched with prebiotics – special natural substances that promote the growth of beneficial microflora and improve digestion.

Prebiotics (unlike probiotics, which are still “foreign” bacteria for the body) do not replace the existing microflora, they are food for each of us’s own beneficial bacteria, and their lack can cause various digestive problems – and therefore with health in general. In addition, unlike probiotics, prebiotics retain all their beneficial properties in hot water.

Porridge “Bystrov”® Prebio1 has a beneficial effect on digestion. It helps to restore the microflora, due to which the process of assimilation of food is normalized. This means that health in general improves – after all, it has long been no secret to anyone that malnutrition and poor digestion should be blamed for many diseases directly or indirectly.

Why did we dislike porridge as children? Probably because it looked more like paste than porridge. Porridge “Bystrov”® is completely different: it has a pleasant non-viscous texture and a very delicate taste. It turns out that porridge can be not only healthy, but also very tasty!

With Bystrov® instant cereals, the breakfast problem is solved: both adults and children like them. In addition, a wide range of cereals will help you choose a breakfast for each family member to your taste – your child will surely like porridge with strawberries and cream, and your husband will appreciate the option of 5 cereals Raisins Nuts.

Besides the addition of fruits, berries and nuts makes Bystrov® instant oatmeal even more tasty and healthy. And your breakfast – varied every day!

Another good thing about this porridge is that it does not take much time to prepare, so you can forget about what it means to be late for work. Or spend your free time with great pleasure: lie in bed longer, spend more time on your appearance, do amazing makeup or a set of exercises to keep your figure in good shape, pay more attention to family and friends … And the Bystrov® porridge will never burn !

It is not for nothing that it is called “instant”: the processing features made it possible to make the flakes so thin that the porridge really cooks in a few minutes.

Each grain that enters the Bystrov® porridge is first delicately cleaned, then steamed, softened, pressed and dried, which makes it possible not to lose the beneficial properties of cereals. By the way, ordinary porridge goes through the same processing stages – the only difference is that flakes for instant porridge are pressed more.

The process of preparing instant cereals is so simple that even a child can handle it. You can entrust your husband, son or daughter with preparing breakfast for the whole family – and not be afraid to leave the family hungry because of a failed culinary experiment of your household.

Instant porridge “Bystrov”® (oatmeal and multi-cereal) makes breakfast for the whole family healthy and tasty, energizing for the whole day, giving cheerfulness and good mood.

So what’s for breakfast today?
Of course, porridge “Bystrov”®!

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