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Spring is the time when love and romance are in the air… We want to treat everything easier, eat easier and dress easier, but the euphoria from the first rays of the sun is not always justified. Weakened immunity during the winter does not like strict diets and colds in March, it is difficult for him to cope with this load, which means that our well-being is in jeopardy.

One of the first to report an imbalance in delicate women’s health is such an unpleasant, annoying disease as vaginal dysbacteriosis, or simply thrush. It comes back again and again if the body’s defenses weaken. Therefore, doctors advise to focus not on treatment, but on the prevention of thrush, the symptoms of which complicate the lives of many women. Check yourself: do you know everything about the “insidious companion” of the ladies – and take note of preventive measures!

What causes thrush?

The cause of the disease is the Candida fungus, which is normally present in the vagina of a healthy woman. However, with a decrease in immunity, the “civilian” begins to actively multiply, hence all these unpleasant symptoms: itching, burning, curdled discharge.

If you notice the first signs of thrush: discharge and itching, you need to take urgent action. First, as prescribed by the doctor, it is necessary to start taking antifungal drugs until complete recovery. Secondly, to increase intimate immunity, which will reduce the chances of the disease returning. For this, there are therapeutic and prophylactic agents, such as Epigen intim spray. The licorice root extract included in the preparation will accelerate the elimination of itching and burning, create conditions for the reproduction of beneficial lactobacilli that inhibit the growth of pathogenic Candida fungi.

Why is it necessary to strengthen general immunity?

After winter, the body must be supported, because right now our health needs special care. The daily regimen, moderate physical activity, contrast showers, a balanced diet and taking vitamins selected by the attending physician will improve health and boost immunity, leaving no chance for a successful attack by thrush. By the way, physical activity also enhances sexual desire, which, with thrush, on the contrary, drops to zero due to the discomfort of a woman.

Protection against stress – protection against thrush?

By saying “no” to stress, you are making a big contribution to maintaining your own tone and health. No matter how difficult it may be, comprehend the ability to calmly endure any events. This will not only help to escape from thrush, but also relieve shattered nerves and insomnia. You can go to yoga courses, where you can bring your condition into balance, or, on the contrary, throw out stress in capoeira, martial arts. If you really can’t calm down at all, help the body with magnesium-based preparations, the building block of our nerve cells.

Who is fed by buns?

Eat right! Even if this recommendation does not seem like an American discovery to you, do you always follow it? Praise yourself if your daily diet contains fruits, vegetables, lean meat or fish, cereals, soups. It is better to eat several times a day so that the body does not want a muffin, cake, candy or cookie as a snack or, worse, the main meal. By the way, when abused, buns and chocolates become not only the cause of excess weight, but also a nutritional basis for thrush.

The cult of cleanliness – a guarantee of health?

Cleanliness and hygiene are our best friends regardless of age. Regular water procedures, clean towels, clean underwear and a minimum of synthetics – this is exactly what is needed in preventing thrush or in the fight against it. It is better, of course, to generally switch to natural cotton underwear. When washing, it is worth using special gels for intimate hygiene, so as not to disturb the natural balance of microflora.

Panty liners, despite their convenience, should be used only when absolutely necessary, because they often interfere with air circulation and create a comfortable environment for the development of thrush.

Take care of your health. Meet spring in great shape, excellent tone and only with pleasant events, changes, impressions!


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