How to purify tap water?

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Every person needs water for life, we drink it, we cook our own food with the help of water, and my body with it. We are accustomed, as a matter of course, that by opening the tap, we get water from the water supply. But this water is far from ideal quality, so it requires additional purification. But how to do it at home without expensive industrial multi-level filters? Ways exist and there are a lot of them, Goodshapetips will talk about some of them.

What’s wrong with tap water?

Water – this is a source of not only liquid, but also mineral salts for the body, a person cannot do without water, it must always be in our homes. But tap water is intended for household needs – washing dishes, bathing and washing. It is better not to use it for drinking, it contains too many chloride compounds. They are added to water to disinfect it from viruses and microbes that can be dangerous to human health.

However, chlorine itself is not safe: it adversely affects body proteins, irritates the mucous membranes of the digestive system, disrupts the intestinal microflora and causes general allergization of the body. In addition, chlorine in water forms more by-products that are potentially dangerous to the body and require prior removal from it.

In addition, the quality of tap water also depends on its hardness – the amount of calcium and magnesium salts, as well as impurities of iron and other minerals. If there are a lot of salts, this can negatively affect the kidneys, if there are few minerals, the body will suffer from their lack, the skeleton will become more fragile, weakness will appear, hair loss and dry skin.

The taste of dishes cooked with tap water and the taste of food cooked with purified water are very different. Fragments of rust, dirt, scale and other impurities can get into the soup or the second from tap water. BUT coffee or tea in general will be frankly spoiled, despite the most expensive varieties of the raw materials themselves.

By the way, it has been proven that even strong chlorination does not kill Giardia cysts, and when drinking raw water, they can easily be picked up. Therefore, do not neglect at least the simplest ways to purify water, then your health will receive significant support.

Water treatment methods

We present to your attention the simplest ways to purify water.

Boiling water

This method will, of course, remove germs and viruses from it, but not chlorine compounds. When the temperature rises, chlorine reacts with salt water impurities and converts them into chlorine compounds that are unsafe for health. In addition, boiling precipitates some of the salts on the walls of the dishes, look into your kettle, you will see how many there are.

Settling of water

This is one of the simple and cost-effective ways to purify water from chlorine. Chlorine is a volatile compound; when water is allowed to stand for 6-8 hours, all the chlorine dissolved in it will evaporate. Stir the water several times – this will help the chlorine to separate more actively.

The disadvantage of this method is that heavy metal salts are not removed during settling.

freezing water

One of the most effective ways to purify water at home without the use of special devices is to freeze it.

Water is a special compound, a solution of ions, it contains an admixture of the so-called “heavy” deuterium water. These are special heavy hydrogen ions from water that adversely affect the health of the elderly and children. Such water freezes before the total mass;

After freezing, the ice will have a layered appearance – there will be cloudy ice with impurities and harmful compounds along the edges, and pure water in the center. This cloudy ice thaws faster, it is drained, and the core is used for drinking and cooking. The only drawback of melt water is that there are few useful salts left in it; for drinking it is better to add 100 g of mineral water to a liter of such water.

Water purification methods (continued)

Charcoal cleaning

Avid travelers and the military know this method of water purification. It takes 1 tablet of regular water to clean a glass of water. pharmacy coal – it is pounded, wrapped in gauze and poured with water, after 15 minutes the water is filtered through a fine sieve. This water tastes good and has no smell. However, coal does not save from viruses and microbes – in the wild, such water still needs to be boiled additionally.

Silver cleaning

Silver is believed to neutralize microbes and some metal salts, although the power of silver in cleaning is greatly exaggerated. It is recommended to leave a silver item in a container with water overnight – a spoon or a special pendant. Works simultaneously settling water and disinfection.

Water purification with magnets

Another of the popular methods, which has dubious effectiveness. It is recommended to encircle a container of water with magnets, and leave the water for several hours. Option: wrap magnets around a pipe that supplies water to a faucet. This method does not protect against chlorine and microbes, but theoretically it can purify water from iron and its salts due to magnetization.

Folk remedies

In villages, water is still purified by adding three drops of a 5% iodine solution, rowan leaves, apple peel, cranberries or lingonberries to it. They are added to water and allowed to stand for 2 to 6 hours. However, these methods will not save you from chlorine, and they will leave microbial contamination in the water.

Modern means

Of course, today progress and science do not stand still, including in the purification of tap water. Today you can buy an inexpensive and easy-to-use household filter jug ​​with a carbon-silicon filter, it will remove chlorine and heavy metals from water.

There are nozzles for a shower and a water tap, there are stationary filter systems installed at the entrance to the apartment of a common water supply. In addition to numerous advantages, they have only one big disadvantage – they are not cheap. But it is an investment in the piggy bank of your health.

How do you purify water?

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