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Know the measure: doses of alcohol for men and women

Despite the fact that the spring holidays are over, only the farewell to winter with pancakes and warming drinks is left: the topic of how to quickly get rid of a hangover does not lose its relevance. A party can be great, alcohol can flow like water, but in the morning you will have to pay for the fun with a headache, thirst, and a noticeable decrease in performance. And if in student times such a state does not frighten anyone, then when you are a little over thirty, you cannot quickly get rid of a hangover. What do experts advise?

First, know your limits. There are people who clearly know that wine gives them a headache. Someone for this reason tries not to drink cocktails – alcohol plus sugar – it’s delicious, but fraught with a hangover. After all, when it’s delicious, it’s harder to resist. This applies to both semi-sweet and semi-dry sparkling wines. If you really drink wine “with bubbles”, then only brut. By a certain age, we clearly understand how many glasses of wine or servings of whiskey are enough for us to have a good mood and when it is worth saying “stop” to ourselves. This knowledge will help to avoid such an unpleasant condition as a hangover.

What are the average doses of alcohol shown to women and men? For men, the norm is 100-200 ml of vodka, 400-800 ml of dry wine, up to one and a half liters of beer. For women, all doses are halved. More than 20 g of ethanol per day will already be toxic to the liver. The degree of intoxication depends on a number of factors: body weight, full or empty stomach, metabolism, heredity, and even the frequency of libations. People who drink alcohol more often may feel better in the morning than those who drink once a year without knowing the measure.

Eat broth instead of brine

Everyone knows: you shouldn’t forget about food on the eve of the party: on an empty stomach you will be “taken” faster. Water is a separate item. Teach yourself to alternate each glass of alcohol with water – this is also very likely to help avoid a hangover. If in the morning you feel all the signs of intoxication – nausea, headache, weakness, thirst, then it’s time to think about how to quickly get rid of a hangover. Actually, a couple of glasses of wine or cocktails are easily excreted from the body in eight hours, that is, overnight. But if you are not limited to this amount, then you can’t hope for a good morning.

After a stormy party, the body needs to refresh itself. Broths or soups are suitable for this purpose. Many people like it spicier: hodgepodge, tom yam. The good old pickle, which is recommended as a proven folk remedy for a hangover, will only cause additional dehydration – it contains salt and vinegar. Avoid raw eggs. Sunflower oil is also not recommended to drink – it will only cause discomfort. And if you have problems with the gallbladder, then the oil is completely contraindicated.

If your head hurts from a hangover, you can safely drink paracetamol-based painkillers. Aspirin is not worth it – it irritates the gastric mucosa. And experts advise succinic acid in tablets. Dissolve one every hour. You can also squeeze the juice of two lemons and dilute it with boiled water.

Nausea should not be caused

We often hear that the best cure for a hangover in the morning is to induce nausea and get rid of the accumulation of under-oxidized ethyl alcohol products. But as gastroenterologist Olga Soboleva told Goodshapetips: “The stomach is acidic, and the esophagus is alkaline. Vomiting causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure and acid enters the esophagus. I do not recommend causing nausea – this can lead to diseases of the esophagus. According to the doctor, it is better not to neglect absorbents the day before, which will absorb toxins and remove them from the body. At the same time, they do not deprive the body of the necessary calcium, which is traditionally lacking after drinking alcohol. It was not possible to drink an absorbent before taking alcohol – do it the next morning.

A contrast shower and, of course, a healthy sleep will help to recover after a stormy party. Try to plan your drinking so that you don’t have to rush to work the next morning.

Is it worth drinking strong coffee in the morning in order to quickly get rid of a hangover? One of the favorite means of a number of fellow citizens suffering from headaches and weakness.

What coffee to drink with a hangover

“Let’s look at what drunkenness is. Alcohol breaks down the lipid layer around red blood cells, causing them to stick together into shapes that resemble a bunch of grapes. This is the so-called “bunch of grapes” effect. Such “clusters” actively clog the thin vessels of the brain, which leads to the death of nerve cells from oxygen starvation and causes the characteristic effect of intoxication. Caffeine also constricts the vessels of the brain, contributing to the process of alcohol blockage. Coffee also does not affect the metabolism of alcohol, so drinking it to sober up faster is pointless.

However, in the morning, a drink can help by speeding up the process of eliminating toxins that make you feel so unpleasant. However, there are certain rules. The drink should not be consumed on an empty stomach, as it stimulates digestion and can cause stomach pain. It is also better to refrain from too strong coffee. Brewed in a French press or through a funnel, it will be preferable to espresso from a coffee machine, as it will not strongly irritate the walls of the stomach. And do not forget to drink water: the diuretic effect of coffee helps to get rid of toxins faster, but can cause dehydration.


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