How to quickly relieve a toothache before a visit to the doctor

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Where does pain come from

Pain is a signal that your teeth need immediate medical attention. Acute pain means that destructive changes have gone so far that the body itself cannot cope with them.

The most common causes of toothache:

  • Caries. The disease can destroy a tooth for years without causing noticeable discomfort, but in the advanced form, the lesions are very deep, the enamel begins to react painfully to cold, heat, and even to pressure when chewing.
  • Pulpitis – inflammation of the pulp – tissues that fill the cavity of the tooth. There are many nerve endings, so the pain is sharp and sudden.
  • Periodontitis – a disease of the tissues of the root space, which is accompanied by pain with pressure on the tooth.
  • Violation of the integrity of the enamel – if at the same time it exposes dentin, which is very sensitive to external influences, the tooth may begin to hurt from sweet, hot or cold.
  • Wisdom tooth cut rather problematic. The process is often accompanied by inflammation of the gums, aching pain and even fever.

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Immediate action if you have a toothache

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