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Climax – any woman is afraid of this word, and it doesn’t matter if she is a business woman or a housewife. In the minds of women, menopause looks like a withered flower in the flower bed of life, and life after menopause is something vague.

Out of the corner of my ear, many have heard that during menopause, the physical condition and well-being are also disturbed, so this natural stage in the life of any woman becomes doubly terrible. But life is good in any period of life if you feel great, know what awaits you, and be able to cope with symptoms and prevent them.

The essence of menopause

As the body ages, a load of mutations and health problems accumulates, so the birth of healthy children becomes an impossible task for the female body, which means that this function in the body can be turned off.

Actually, this is what happens with menopause – the reproductive function of the female body is gradually turned off and involution processes occur uterus And ovaries. In menopause, the birth of children becomes impossible, menstruation stops coming and the level of female sex hormones decreases.

Due to changes in the hormonal background, something akin to a transitional age in a mature woman occurs – subjective unpleasant sensations appear. Usually, they include sweating and flushing of the scalp, jumps in pressure and heartbeat, jumps in body temperature and disorders in the genital area. In addition, skin aging occurs, hair deteriorates and the skeleton becomes fragile. But you don’t want to get old, what to do?

Hormones to ease menopause

In fact, in order to alleviate the symptoms and manifestations of menopause, it is necessary to give the body a portion of hormones – it is precisely because of their deficiency that it suffers so much. However, everything is not so simple with hormones either – after all, in addition to their main effects of prolonging female youth, they also have other effects. This is the effect on the cells of the breast and ovaries, and disturbances in the work of the heart and blood vessels, and the deposition of excess fat.

For many years, one of the directions in the treatment of menopausal disorders in the female body was the appointment of hormones with a substitution purpose. However, according to numerous studies, such therapy has a very large number of disadvantages, the most terrible of which is an increase in the likelihood breast cancer (especially in those women who did not breastfeed children), stroke and myocardial infarction.

Many women, fearing complications from taking hormones and being overweight, refuse such therapy. But I still don’t want to get old.

Phytoestrogens for health

There are many female organisms in nature, and many have substances similar to our female hormones. Even our great-grandmothers knew that some plants and fruits tend to prolong female youth and beauty, and modern scientists know about this. They are trying to obtain extracts from these plants or create synthetic analogues of these substances in the laboratory.

These substances are collectively known as phytoestrogens. Although there are several varieties of them, the principle of their action is essentially the same, just the activity of the action differs.

Microdoses of analogs of the female sex hormone, entering the body of a woman, act on the same receptors that real hormones would act, and improve the condition of the body: the woman stops sweating and feeling hot with hot flashes, her emotional background becomes more stable, sexual desire appears, and this an important factor in stable family life.

A woman herself can notice the effect on her face and hair, this allows her to remain young and beautiful for her children and spouse, which increases self-esteem and vitality. In addition, the pressure and work of the heart stabilizes, the nervous system comes into order, which means that a woman can calmly continue her work and daily activities.

The doctor will select the necessary drug for each woman, based on the state of health and the stage of menopause. Now there is a large selection of products with phytoestrogens, in addition, it is necessary to calculate the dosage. Is everything so simple? Not really, because taking drugs is far from all measures for menopause.

What else to do?

1. Have sex regularly

No one will take care of women’s health and beauty better than the woman herself, not a single gynecologist can do this. To prolong youth, it is important to love and be loved, and regular sexual relations contribute a lot to prolonging youth and a smooth decrease in hormone levels.

2. Give up bad habits

Important to refuse from bad habits – they spoil the color of the skin and increase the aging process. Smoking is not fashionable, harmful, it enhances the manifestations of menopause.

3. Reduce sun exposure

Ladies over forty should no longer be on the beach for a long time and “roast” to a dark brown color, such a tan dries out the skin and leads to wrinkles. It is important to abandon low-protein diets – due to protein, tissue regeneration takes place, you need to drink a lot of water, since old age is dehydration.

4. Take care of your nerves

A woman needs to protect herself from stress – the children have grown up, it’s time to take care of yourself. Sign up for training at the nearest gym, take care of your body – active loads will tighten your muscles and help you lose weight. But most importantly, the load on the skeleton does not allow the bones to lose calcium, and osteoporosis (weakening of bone strength) is one of the symptoms of menopause.

5. Eat right

For beauty and health, it is important to eat foods and dishes enriched with them. vitamins groups B and E, fiber and microelements are salads, vinaigrettes, nuts, cereals, bran bread, fruits and berries. Minimize salt and sugar, hot spices, it is important not to overeat at night and do not eat fatty foods.

6. Keep track of your health

It is important to visit a therapist during the period of premenopause and menopause and monitor the state of health. “Old wounds” can make themselves felt in the form of exacerbations of chronic diseases. The urogenital area is especially sensitive now – since estrogens also protect the urinary tract. It is important to check hemoglobin and white blood cell count – blood protects the body from infections and gives him oxygen and nutrition, it is important that she be healthy.

Even if you feel great, you need to appear in the gynecologist’s office every six months from the age of about 43-45 to 52-55 years, this is the average age of the onset of physiological menopause in women.


However, the age of menopause, passport age and your sense of life are slightly different concepts, now you are more experienced, smart and beautiful in your own way. Therefore, live and enjoy life to the fullest, and menopause is just one of the stages of your life, and it is in your power to make it easy.

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