How to remove a speck from an eye

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In summer, mote in the eye is complained of much more often than in winter. And why? Well, firstly, because in winter there is snow and mosquitoes do not fly. Small insects are generally the most common type of foreign bodies in the eye.

Secondly, in winter everyone is afraid of colds and wears hats. And in the summer it’s so cool when the hair flutters in the wind … And gets into the eyes. They are also considered a foreign body and often have time to injure the conjunctiva before they can be removed.

And, thirdly, in the summer some have a dacha, others have a beach, and others have repairs.

The foreign body most often comes into contact with the cornea and conjunctiva of the eye. Situations when it penetrates the eyeball are less common, mainly due to a foreign body entering the eye at high speed … And no, we are not talking about a bullet and an arrow. Would you know who most often gets to the ophthalmologist with severe injuries!

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