How to remove a tick and where to carry it later

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The winter was long and cold. Not only are you starving without your barbecue, but the ticks without your fresh blood. Therefore, they are waiting for you in the country, in the forest and even in city parks. Hungry and angry, encephalitic and borreliosis.

There are two types of vaccinations:

  1. Standard and smart. You get your first dose of vaccine in January, your second in February, and your third in March. And in May you feel great.
  2. Emergency. If you decide to suddenly go to the Vologda or Yaroslavl region, for example, then you can get two vaccines with an interval of two weeks.

That is, with the vaccination against encephalitis, let’s be honest, you are already late, in the winter you had to start. And there is no vaccination against borreliosis. Therefore, you will either have to give up barbecue in the fresh air, or prepare very carefully.

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How to Prepare for a Tick Encounter

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