How to return intimate life after childbirth and how a plastic surgeon can help

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Why there is pain during sex after childbirth

When discharged from the maternity hospital, each young mother will be told by the doctor that you can return to intimate life in 4-6 weeks, when the lochia (postpartum spotting) disappears. During this period, the cervix is ​​somewhat ajar and there is a risk of infection. In practice, all couples resolve the issue of returning to “great sex” in their own way: some endure only a couple of weeks, others forget about this part of life for six months, someone abstains even longer. This, of course, is about young mothers (not fathers) who experience discomfort and pain during sex.

The reasons for this are very different: too tight stitches after an episiotomy, a natural decrease in estrogen levels – practically no lubricant is released during breastfeeding. It is possible to break the ligaments that support the uterus, the inflammatory process in the uterus and appendages, the pathology of the spine that occurred during pregnancy. Finally, banal fatigue and lack of sleep play a role – no mood, you want to sleep all the time. For some, problems are solved after a while by themselves: the hormonal background is restored, the stitches heal, life is slowly returning to its usual rhythm. But often the help of specialists is also required.

A month after the birth, you need to schedule a visit to your gynecologist, who will take a smear on the flora and assess the condition of the sutures, if the latter were applied. But sometimes you may need the help of another specialist – a plastic surgeon.

What requests come to a plastic surgeon

Since the tissues stretch after natural childbirth, a divergence of the muscles of the perineum is often observed. Also, patients come with a request for tissue repair after episiotomy or perineotomy. All these problems that women come to me with manifest themselves in the form of discomfort and the occurrence of atypical sounds during sexual intercourse, deterioration of sensations in a woman and a partner, leakage of fluid into the vagina during a bath, plus physical discomfort associated with the formation of a large amount of scars after rupture of the vagina.

As for suturing after childbirth – sometimes it happens that the sutures are too tight. But in fact, I rarely encounter this. As a rule, the entrance to the vagina, on the contrary, remains expanded after natural childbirth. But if there is such a problem, then the plastic surgeon can excise the scar and remove the ligature applied after natural childbirth. That is, to form a normal entrance to the vagina, which will be elastic enough for a woman’s comfortable sexual life. We understand that the number of births is reflected in the condition of the vagina. Each subsequent birth stretches the natural birth canal, thereby increasing the volume of the vagina. Also, the condition of the female genital organs after childbirth is affected by the size of the fetus – if it was larger than the elasticity of the tissue (and this is always individual), natural childbirth may be accompanied by injuries. All this affects the sensitivity during sex from the point of view of a sexual partner, and from the point of view of a woman, a decrease in sensitivity or, moreover, the appearance of negative sensations (the cause may be multiple scars, ligature cysts, etc.).

Labiaplasty, mammoplasty and more

In such cases, intimate plastic surgery can help. This is not only an improvement in the condition of the vagina, but also a labioplasty. Labiaplasty is an operation aimed at changing the shape and size of the labia minora and labia majora. After childbirth, this operation is quite relevant in view of hormonal changes and swelling during pregnancy, which lead to tissue stretching.

Mammoplasty. After a year or two, while a woman is breastfeeding, the latter undergoes changes. There are several options here. If the patient has had an involution of the breast and it has become smaller (less than before pregnancy), then it is possible to increase the breast with implants or with the help of lipofilling. If, after childbirth and breastfeeding, the patient has a strong ptosis of the mammary glands, then the previous shape can be restored with the help of a breast lift. If the problem has become too large after lactation, then the shape can be corrected with the help of reduction mammoplasty.

Liposuction and abdominoplasty. On the stomach, as a rule, pregnancy also leaves traces. If there is an excess of subcutaneous fat, excess skin, then a complex operation can be performed to improve the shape of the body. And diastasis (divergence of the rectus abdominis muscles) is a common occurrence after pregnancy and childbirth. You can also eliminate it with the help of plastic surgery – downloading the press will not help. Most often, it is combined with tummy tuck, which allows you to achieve the desired body as much as possible. Fortunately, at the moment, plastic surgery can solve almost all the problems that a woman may face after childbirth. The most important thing is to find a good specialist, a professional.


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