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Health Tips

What to do before the feast

Nighttime food intake is generally unfavorable for the body, since our body is not adapted to it. However, there are a number of simple tips that will help you survive New Year’s Eve without harm to your figure and health:

  • two or three hours before the night feast you need to eat. Choose fiber, such as stewed or baked vegetables with easily digestible protein. It can be shrimp, fish, rabbit meat, poultry. It is better to exclude carbohydrates. Many say that at this moment there is no time – everyone is busy preparing for the New Year. Then you can use “smart” functional nutrition – two or three hours before the feast, drink a functional cocktail and drink it with two glasses of water.

The dietary fiber contained in it will create a certain volume in the stomach, and due to this, it will not be possible to eat too much at night.

  • Before the feast itself, you need to drink one or two glasses of water. This will speed up the metabolism and generally prepare the body for eating.

How to replace fatty salads

  • It is worth serving sliced ​​​​vegetables, meat, seafood on the New Year’s table as an alternative

thick salads. Remember that any mix negatively affects our pancreas, which does not work after nine in the evening. It is better to cook cuts without dressings or with minimal ones – olive oil, lemon juice.

  • Take small dishes. She will not allow you to go overboard with the amount of food.

  • Drinks are better to take non-carbonated and unsweetened. Traditional glass of champagne

of course you can lift it. But for further celebration, it is better to use non-carbonated, unsweetened and light alcohol. For example, dry and semi-dry wines.

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  • Usually desserts are left at the very end of the meal. It is better to transfer them to

the first half of the day on January 1. A good alternative to cakes and pastries is a protein dessert.

  • It is better to finish the feast with a vegetable salad. This will improve the activity of the gastrointestinal

intestinal tract.

  • And, of course, it is important not to sit at the table all night, but to move. Better to spend

New Year’s Eve outside the city with the opportunity to go out into the fresh air. Come up with outdoor games, thanks to which you can break away from the table from time to time.

Find out your alcohol limit

Of course, I will give advice not to abuse alcoholic beverages on a holiday. We have a good benchmark in the world of evidence-based medicine, the AUDIT test for the risk of alcoholism, you can take it on the website [ВОЗ] ( -audit-test/take-the-audit-test-now).

If you carefully analyze the questions of this test, you can see how much the consumption of more than 6 doses of alcohol per day increases the risk of addiction (one dose is 40 grams of strong drink, 150 wine or 330 beer), I would recommend taking this as a guideline. Do not exceed 6 doses for the entire New Year’s Eve (240 ml of strong alcohol, 900 ml of wine or about 2 liters of beer). I draw your attention to the fact that these are the maximum doses, less is better!

In fact, recently many people celebrate the New Year in a healthy environment, without overeating and abuse. Not only that, it has become fashionable among smart and health-conscious people. No overeating, good physical activity, emphasis on positive emotions associated with interesting communication, competitions, singing in karaoke – this is the key to excellent health the next day.

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