How to stay healthy in the office?

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Once upon a time, office work was considered the safest for health, and most people dreamed of getting such a place: you don’t need to physically strain, and working conditions are close to the atmosphere of your own apartment. But for several decades now, scientists have been persistently saying that even such a “dust-free job” can be hazardous to health.

And this, of course, is not about the danger of accidentally making a hole in your hand with a stapler or becoming a victim of an aggressive client. The main enemies waiting for an employee in the office are a sedentary lifestyle, continuous communication with a computer, artificial lighting and dry air-conditioned air.

The office lifestyle is a “gentle killer” that destroys your body year after year and speeds it up aging. But, fortunately, not everything is so hopeless, and if you make due efforts, then many health problems can be avoided. Goodshapetips will tell you how to do it.

Danger #1: Dry Air

Dry air is one of the most common problems in today’s offices. Air conditioners, central heating, insufficient ventilation, lack of regular ventilation, too many employees per square meter are all factors that affect humidity. indoor air. Meanwhile, dry air has a very detrimental effect on the appearance, well-being and even human performance.

This can manifest itself, for example, in the fact that you will constantly feel sleepy and tired even with a normal number of hours of sleep. In addition, dry air is very affected leather – it begins to peel off, becomes irritated and tightened.

And if you wear contact lenses, you probably noticed that after several hours in the office (even if you were not sitting at the computer, but, for example, were engaged in negotiations), there is a feeling of pain in the eyes. The reason is the same dry air.

Of course, the ideal way to solve the problem is to persuade the manager to install a humidifier. You can also try to negotiate with colleagues to “splurge” on a humidifier (it’s quite realistic to meet the amount from 2000 to 4000 rubles).

In addition, do not forget about other ways:

  • Saturate the body with moisture from the inside – drink at least 8 glasses of water a dayand not to forget – keep a bottle of water on the table. And it is better to give up coffee – it dehydrates the body.

  • Carry thermal water with you and spray your face every 3-4 hours (this can be done even if you are wearing makeup). You can also draw ordinary water into a spray bottle and from time to time “irrigate” the space around you. But it is worthwhile to find out in advance how your colleagues will react to this.

  • Suggest colleagues to have indoor flowers This will also improve indoor air quality.

  • If you wear lenses, then buy special moisturizing drops. – they must be marked that they can be used simultaneously with wearing lenses.

Danger #2: Eye strain

Dry air is not the only source of danger to the eyes of an office worker. Even more damaging to the eyes is the constant sitting at the computer, and it’s not even some kind of harmful radiation (modern LCD monitors are practically harmless compared to CRT monsters), but a long and continuous load on the eyes.

Ideally, for eye health it is generally desirable to spend no more than 4 hours a day at the computer, but, unfortunately, we all understand that in reality this ideal is practically unattainable.

What can you do to keep your eyes healthy?

one. Be sure to take a break for 5 minutes every hour and do special exercises for the eyes. You can start with classic exercises:

  • Focus on an object that is 20-30 centimeters away from you, and then look at any point that is far away from you (about 5 meters), and again focus on the first object. Repeat 5-7 times.

  • Try to mentally draw a figure eight with your eyes – 8 times clockwise, 8 times counterclockwise.

  • Close your eyes as tightly as possible, after 5 seconds open and do not blink, after another 5 seconds close your eyes again. Repeat 5-7 times.

  • Blink rapidly for 15 seconds, then pause for 5 seconds and repeat the exercise.

2. Drink vitamins and minerals for the eyes: you need A, E and C, zinc and lutein.

3. Watch your light levels – the light should not be too bright or too dim, you should be comfortable. If there is not enough light, put a table lamp. If, on the contrary, too bright light from the window, hitting directly into your eyes, bothers you, then arrange for you to be transplanted or hung on the window with blinds. Even this little thing can sometimes greatly relieve the strain on the eyes.

4. Visit an ophthalmologist once a yearespecially if you notice that your vision has begun to deteriorate.

five. Try to do less eye-straining activities upon returning from work, and even more so do not sit down at the computer again.

Danger #3: Improper Diet

If you do not work in Moscow in a managerial position and do not belong to rare and highly paid specialists, then you are familiar with this problem firsthand. Of course, some companies have their own kitchen, and sometimes a dining room, but not all of them can boast of such conditions.

A good business lunch costs an average of 200-300 rubles, and if you multiply this by 22 working days, you get at least 4400-6600 rubles per month. With a salary of, for example, 30 thousand rubles, the picture will turn out to be depressing, so often employees either eat fast food or generally manage with a bun or chips, at best, sandwiches brought from home.

Plus, in some offices there is a habit of drinking tea with cakes, buns and sweets for any reason. As a result – excess weightbad skin, problems with the gastrointestinal tract and other “charms of life”.

Unfortunately, there can be no other advice than “try to eat right” here. Instead of sandwiches, try taking nuts, dried apricots, raisins, muesli bars, fruits and vegetables with you to work. Another option – instead of a business lunch, take only soup in a cafe: it is cheaper and at the same time much more beneficial for the stomach than any snacks.

Besides, make it a rule not to eat or snack right at the workplaceeven if it is allowed in your office – when your attention is occupied with work, you can eat much more than you planned.

Danger #4: Sedentary lifestyle

On the destructive influence of sitting lifestyle health is now known to everyone. Hours spent without movement at the computer age the body, deprive it of vitality and, even worse, negatively affect the functioning of the brain.

What is most unfortunate is that even playing sports 2-3 times a week does not save you from this scourge – no matter what the load, this is still not enough to compensate for the damage from many hours of daily sitting in one place.

Even in Russia, already in some companies – especially those where managerial positions are occupied by foreigners – they have realized this problem and are trying to deal with it: they force employees to do warm-ups in the morning, they give out free gym membershipsmake you get up and stretch every hour (a real example!) etc. But, unfortunately, not everywhere the leadership thinks so progressively, and if you don’t take care of yourself, then no one will do it for you.

The main rule in this case is to use every opportunity to move.

  • Exercise at least 2-3 times a week. If you feel that you don’t have enough strength for serious loads, then at least do yoga.

  • Do simple exercises every morning: squats, push-ups and abdominal exercises. There is no need to invent America and look for some kind of super-system: as practice shows, such a standard 10-minute morning exercise is enough to significantly improve your well-being, mood and … performance.

  • Walk to the subwayand in the warm season you can go to work on bicycle (in such cases, employees usually leave their office clothes at work and arrive 10 minutes earlier to have time to change before the start of the working day). Although, of course, the latter option is not suitable for everyone.

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • Switch to live communication with colleagues: if you need to discuss something, don’t write long letters, just approach him or her in person. And warm up, and the problem will be solved faster.

  • If at work you need to communicate a lot on the phone, then get up and walk more often while talking.

  • Necessarily go out after dinner at least for a short walk (even if you bring food with you) – according to recent studies, it is the lack of physical activity after eating that increases the risk of developing diabetes several times. In the end, it will just make you feel better.

  • Try to take short breaks at least once an hour and stretch your muscles. with the help of simple exercises: turns, tilts, rotation of the head and shoulders.

And in order not to forget about charging, you can use special programs. For example, there is a great free program PersFit ( that reminds you to take a short sports break at intervals you specify and even gives picture instructions for exactly what exercises to do. Moreover, all these exercises do not require any special devices, and you do not even have to get up from your chair to perform them!

Or you can install the Workrave program ( – it’s also free and somewhat similar to Persfit, only with more features. Workrave reminds not only about sports breaks (also, by the way, in pictures!), but also from time to time sends you to take a break from the computer for 5 minutes and warns you when you exceed the daily norm of sitting at the monitor. What is nice, both programs have a Russian-language interface.

  • Respect yourself and your work – leave work on time. By the way, the already mentioned exercise is very conducive to this – if you come to work in good shape, already awake and collected, then things go faster.

Of course, you are unlikely to be able to completely neutralize the negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle, but regular (this is the main thing!) Implementation of at least part of the proposed recommendations will help you significantly improve your well-being and prevent many unpleasant health problems. Think of yourself – take care of your body!



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