How to stop being afraid of dentists and start saving on dental treatment

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Where does the fear of dentists come from?

As a person who was born and studied in the USSR, I note both the cardinally changed list of services in modern dentistry, and the change in people’s attitude to the condition of their teeth, to care. A large role in this was played by the use of modern anesthetics in almost all manipulations. And as a result – a decrease in dental phobias. Yes, earlier treatment with anesthesia was not available and modern parents still remember the pain from their childhood, worry about their children, thereby subconsciously instilling fear in them. They ask how to show the child that the dentist is not scary. I always answer: only by my own example.

It has long been noted that if parents themselves are afraid, then children most often come to the first appointment already with tears. Therefore, dear parents, we are all responsible for preparing the child for treatment, for his emotional state. After all, now everything is different, all stages are anesthetized and the children are treated calmly, watching their favorite cartoons in the chair.

Often patients are interested in how doctors themselves are treated, according to what criteria they choose a doctor for themselves. It’s simple: we are treated by colleagues or on the recommendation. In my clinic, when hiring a doctor, I always think that he must be such a combination of professional features so that I can sit in his chair myself. And I am very glad that I have such a team.

My choice of profession came at a time when dentistry was inaccessible and unpleasant. I wanted to break the stereotypes, so I chose her. And years later I have no regrets. The specialty is very interesting, creative, rapidly developing, not allowing you to rest on your laurels, but stimulating you to constant professional growth. Of course, I remember the first tooth removed in the educational clinic. The patient was a very elderly man, I was afraid not for my skills, but for his state of health – thank God, everything went well.

What are the problems caused by malocclusion?

Patients often ask the question: are good teeth mostly inherited? Previously, they often answered in the affirmative, but you always need to understand in detail why the teeth are bad. Today, having correctly determined the cause of certain diseases, it is possible to correct the situation and save the teeth. To do this, there is a whole arsenal of tools and techniques. For example, often the cause of tooth wear, wedge-shaped defects, tooth mobility, pain and clicking in the temporomandibular joints is improper closing of the teeth and, importantly, this is correctable at any age! The main thing is to correctly diagnose. After all, many do not associate frequent headaches with malocclusion – but there is a connection.

Incorrect bite can also be the cause of bad posture. And the treatment is either orthodontic, when the teeth are put into place with the help of braces, or orthopedic, when the correct closure is restored with the help of crowns, inlays, etc. I want to separately note the need for examination of children by an orthodontist. Most often we are talking about children under the age of 6 years. Children’s teeth must work, receive a load when chewing solid food for proper jaw growth, which sometimes does not happen when soft foods are preferred. Therefore, the diet should include solid fruits, nuts (in moderation), meat, cereals.

At this age, attention is paid to the correct growth of the jaws, which is an indispensable condition for the correct formation of the bite. In the arsenal of the orthodontist there are many methods that allow correcting violations in time. Of great importance in the preservation of teeth is prevention, namely regular professional hygiene and professional examinations, since the earlier a problem is detected, the faster it can be corrected and the result obtained. Therefore, do not delay going to the dentist and be healthy.

How to save money on treatment

Actually, all doctors agree: regular visits to the dentist and competent home care will help save money. If the teeth are not treated in time, everything can end up with critical measures, when the tooth will have to be removed, a crown or an expensive implant placed. And it has long been noticed that health habits are instilled in the family. If parents take care of their teeth, visit the dentist regularly, then the children will learn this experience. Speaking about home care, it is worth remembering that:

  • you need to brush your teeth with sweeping movements from the gums – at least one and a half minutes, twice a day. Sweeping movements are very important, because with others, plaque remains along the gingival margin, thickens and turns into tartar – the cause of gingivitis (gum inflammation) and a local traumatic factor.

  • use dental floss, and even better, an irrigator that will clean the interdental spaces (especially in the case of crowns);

  • try not to use toothpicks – in the arsenal of any dentist there are stories of patients who paid for it with dental injuries;

  • once every six months or a year, do a professional hygienic cleaning at the dentist.

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