How to stop being ashamed of your body at the gym

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When you want to lose weight, you can feed yourself ad nauseam on zucchini and body-positive slogans, slogans like “my body is my business” and advice on how to stop comparing yourself to others and start living. But if you can’t fit on a yoga mat or you can only sit on a bench, it still becomes embarrassing to go to the gym. Or not ashamed?

At the age of four, my mother gave me to rhythmic gymnastics – for health. The coach, of course, turned out to be a tyrant, classes developed not only flexibility and strength, but also the ability to build the dreary word “must” into a carefree young life. It was like sleeping in a kindergarten, like eating semolina porridge with lumps in a school cafeteria – complete hopelessness.

But there is good news: sports are addictive, and as soon as my mother allowed me to quit training, it turned out that I could no longer live without a load. So for the last 30 years I’ve been doing at least an unsightly sport every day (the perfect excuse to mentally try on a white coat). And you know what I think about a 100-pound woman who first came to the gym and was barely breathing in the third minute of class? That right now, she’s a much bigger hero than me.

When you are already addicted to sports, then the bar, squats and running turn into an uninterrupted buzz, you know, get your usual dose of endorphins – quickly, reliably, practically for free. You don’t even have to do anything special! While the life of a beginner is an everyday victory over yourself. Perhaps a timid girl with a list of incomprehensible exercises on a piece of paper is afraid that the muscular lambersexual behind her will laugh at her lumberjack beard, but in reality everyone understands what a fantastic leap she is now making, how every movement is given to her with anguish, through willpower, and she does not give up to become stronger tomorrow. Anyone who has ever grabbed dumbbells for the first time knows how much respect such a breakthrough deserves. A year later, willpower will also have to be strained. But after a year it is not so difficult to do it.

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