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The English wittily call this state “morning after”, which in literal translation sounds like “morning after”, but we just say “hangover”. After New Year’s Eve, it often overtakes even those who, in principle, are not inclined to abuse alcohol, and the thing is that it is customary to see off the old year with one drink, meet the new one with another, and then – how will it go.

And today Goodshapetips tells how to wake up on January 1 without discomfort, and what to do if you still went overboard with alcohol.

Alcohol without consequences

In order for the body not to be “excruciatingly painful” in the morning after the New Year’s Eve, it is worth following a few simple rules throughout the holiday:

  • Don’t drink anything on an empty stomach. Before drinking the first serving of alcohol (even light wine), be sure to eat. Two or three tablespoons of salad with mayonnaise and some hot dish will significantly delay the onset of intoxication and smooth out its consequences.
  • If you are going to try several drinks of varying degrees of strength, then give preference to a dense and fairly fatty snack – it will slow down the absorption of alcohol into the blood. But it is better to dwell on any one type and even a variety of alcohol.
  • Remember that whiskey, in principle, cannot be mixed with other alcoholic beverages – this gives severe poisoning. Yes, and cognac does not go well with other representatives of alcohol-containing products, and champagne after vodka is a guarantee of quick intoxication and most unpleasant sensations in the morning, so you should not see off the old year of the “forty-degree” one, give preference to a glass of very light white wine.
  • Avoid alcoholic cocktails with carbonated drinks (with cola, pepsi and even mineral water) – they not only have a bad effect on the stomach, but also give a severe hangover. As they say, “it’s all about the magic bubbles” that speed up the process of absorption of alcohol and slow down its excretion.
  • Keep a glass of plain water or natural compote next to a glass of alcoholic drink and between toasts apply to it, and not to alcohol. And do not react to the prompting of other participants in the New Year’s party: if they want to suffer from a headache in the morning, this is their private business, and your task is to alleviate the likely consequences of libations.
  • Refrain from participating in any alcohol contests, excitement is a bad pair for alcohol, you yourself will not notice how you exceed the limit and drink much more than you intended. Yes, and watching from the outside for such entertainment is much more interesting than participating in them.
  • Try to stop drinking alcohol at least a couple of hours before going to bed. End New Year’s Eve with a cup of weak tea and something sweet. The saying: “If it came to the cake on the New Year, then the holiday was not a success,” only sounds funny, and if you really follow it, then you definitely won’t avoid a hangover.

hangover remedies

If you still managed to sort out with alcohol on New Year’s Eve, we will tell you how to alleviate a hangover. However, we will immediately say that we will not recommend any medications to you – each person reacts to them individually, moreover, before taking any pills, you need to take into account the general condition of the body and the presence of chronic diseases.

And further. The hero of a famous novel, saving another character from a hangover, said: “Like is treated with like” (M. Bulgakov, “The Master and Margarita”), however, there is also a folk wisdom that says: “The wrong hangover leads to a long binge”, therefore from “ medicines” in the form of a glass of vodka or a glass of champagne in the morning, it is still better to abstain.

The following methods and products will help to cope with unpleasant sensations in the body.

Sleep and awakening

If there is such an opportunity, then do not plan any business for January 1 and do not make appointments. A body weakened by libations needs a break and proper rest, so the first thing you can do for it is to let it sleep. Do not forget to open the window before going to bed, as stuffiness exacerbates the unpleasant condition.

Place a bottle of water (plain or mineral) next to the bed. One of the causes of morning sickness caused by alcohol abuse is acute dehydration. So at the first sensation of thirst that wakes you up, it is recommended to drink at least a few sips and rinse your mouth well.

If you do not have problems with the cardiovascular system, then a contrast shower and a cup of freshly brewed strong black tea will help you get rid of a hangover. From coffee, as well as from green tea, it is better to refrain – they are too exciting for the nervous system. By the way, if you smoke, then after waking up with the first cigarette, you should wait at least 3-4 hours, otherwise the condition will worsen.

Food and drink

Rich chicken broth gives a good effect – it not only relieves a hangover, but also has a beneficial effect on the walls of the stomach. You can also eat a plate of sour cabbage soup, sorrel or spinach soup, pickle, properly cooked Armenian khash.

Another anti-hangover remedy, proven not even for years, but for centuries, is pickle. Moreover, contrary to a common misconception, not from pickles, but from sauerkraut – it is this “drink” that restores vigor to the exhausted body, and at the same time saturates it with vitamin C, which is necessary at such moments.

Kefir, tan, ayran are ambiguous products. For some, they help relieve morning suffering, and for others they cause nausea, so before you “treat” in this way, think about whether your body will accept these fermented milk drinks.

No irritants

In order for the hangover to smoothly let go, refrain from watching TV, especially the news. The fact is that any negative information in such a state is perceived much more sharply, which makes the already tense nervous system react very inadequately. If you really want to watch something, then give preference to light comedies that in no way provoke an intense thought process.

Due to the vulnerability of the nervous system, it is recommended to avoid talking in raised tones (and even just in a loud voice), and listening to deafening music, and activities that involve excessively intense noise accompaniment. The quieter it is around you, the faster it will “let go” you.


At the end of the article, we say: the best way to get rid of a hangover is to avoid it. So try not to abuse alcohol on New Year’s Eve, limit yourself to two or three glasses of champagne. In the end, a holiday is not a reason to mock your body and pour liters of alcohol into it. Direct your energy to dances, contests, practical jokes, fortune-telling – all this excites no less than drinking, and the consequences of these entertainments are much more humane.

New life from January 1

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