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Throughout the winter, each of us tried to avoid a dangerous disease: the flu went around the country. Finally, official representatives of the authorities in the regions of Russia report: the virus has been defeated, the epidemic is over. But you should not relax, experts warn: second wave of seasonal diseasesthis time SARS.

The peak of a new epidemic this year is expected in the first months of spring: according to statistics, there are more patients with acute respiratory viral infections in March-April. And this is easily explained: during the winter, people are less likely to leave the walls of the house and office, but the dry air in the room weakens the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose and throat. And the lack of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet provokes the occurrence of beriberi. Winter seems to set the stage for the viruses that cause SARS.

Viruses enter the body by airborne droplets through the respiratory tract, in connection with which these diseases are called respiratory diseases – “related to breathing”. The infection develops quickly: an average of 2 days elapse between infection and the appearance of symptoms familiar to everyone (sore throat, runny nose, high fever and body aches).

The disease usually proceeds rapidly: getting on the mucous membrane, the viruses begin to release toxins that the blood carries throughout the body. Most of the time, the initial symptoms go away quickly. However, complications can occur and it is important to do everything possible to avoid them. After the illness, immunity appears, but it is so weak that a person can get sick 3-4 or more times during the year.

Unfortunately, there are no specific drugs for their prevention: there are more than 250 types of viruses that cause the disease. Many drugs lose their effectiveness after a period of maximum exposure, thus not providing long-term protection. There is only one way out – to try as much as possible strengthen the body’s immunity.

Practice has shown that the domestic drug copes with this perfectly. Cytovir-Z®. Its reception allows you to maintain a sufficient level of endogenous interferon in the body – a protein that fights viruses. Active ingredients – Alpha-glutamyl-tryptophan, Bendazole, ascorbic acid. The drug meets the high quality standards of the EU, as it is produced in Finland. At the same time, its price, unlike the prices of imported drugs for colds and flu, remains affordable.

If the disease still took you by surprise, do not try to move it on your feet, doctors warn. As with the flu, the danger ARVI is the possibility of developing complicationsincluding bronchitis, otitis, sinusitis. In some cases, a neglected disease threatens with pneumonia, heart damage, and even meningitis. Also, already existing diseases often worsen against the background of SARS. Reception Tsitovir-3® during illness will help to avoid possible troubles. The drug does not weaken the immune system and does not allow a bacterial infection to join.

Comprehensive prevention and control of ARVI has proven its effectiveness more than once. Try not to neglect the advice of doctors and be healthy!


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